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What is the best month to visit Yosemite?

Camping is a beneficial and recreational activity. It has countless benefits on our health and it also allows us to come close to our mother nature. Today’s life has become so hectic. We can’t even find time for our family and friends. This is an era of competition. Everyone is in the race of his own. But taking a break is necessary as well.


The best month to visit Yosemite National Park is September. The weather is perfect and the crowds have lessened. There are less bugs as well.


The Best Season:

Fall is most likely the best month for camping outdoors. There are so many reasons for it like, you won’t have to face those sweltering hot days but open your eyes to a nice chilly morning. You can completely enjoy those campfires with coffee cups in your hands and loved ones on your side. You can enjoy a nice cozy sleep inside your blanket in your tent. Moreover, you can make your trip affordable and economical by making reservations in the fall when prices are considerably low. Here are some of the many reasons you should go camping in the Fall:


Delicious Warm Foods:

You can enjoy all those delicious fall foods during your camping. While camping you need quick meals and ready to cook ingredients like noodles etc. But there are meals which are so delicious that you should try once during your camping trip. Meals like Rattlesnake stew and Firehouse special are served best with a hot sauce. It will make your camping much more pleasing and enjoyable.


No bugs:

The most hectic problem you face while camping is the annoying bugs. During summer the insect species are highly active and will disturb you camping trip effectively. These bugs can be very annoying contaminating your utensils and meals and also interrupting your sleep. These are most likely unavoidable in summers. But during fall, most of the insects go into hibernation under the ground. This will make your camping site peaceful and comfortable. The mosquitoes migrate to warmer climate regions but you should still keep a bug spray with you.


Pleasing Weather:

Unlike summers, the weather during fall is quite pleasing and soothing. You can fully enjoy the beautiful sights and sceneries in the cloudy and chilly weather with your family. It will not only give you advantages of seeing more greenery but also save you from sweaty, oily days. You can also enjoy your hot chocolate while watching the sunrise or sunset on a mountain top or in the woods. It will surely be embossed in your memories. 


Enjoy Different Activities:

You can enjoy different activities during Fall which you might not be able to do in summers. The campers in fall most likely indulge in activities like Pumpkin picking and apple picking. There are also festivals like Oktoberfest and Halloween events. It will make your camping trip a memorable one.



We have to go easy on our health and spend time with our friends and family. To fully enjoy the time and make it memorable, camping might be your best option. Camping in the summer days can be difficult and vexing. You can’t really enjoy those beautiful moments with sweat dripping off your face and blood gushing in your veins. The weather can most likely affect your camping experience. So try to choose the right season and the right place to make a trip peaceful and pleasant. 


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