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Where can I camp for free in Yosemite?

Camping outdoors is a very economical and affordable choice. It saves you money and unnecessary expenses. Relaxing at a camping site is all peaceful and comfortable, but exploring new places and having new adventures in much more interesting. After a long and hectic week, you can fresh your mind and soul with this amusing trip. Make sure to see the camping grounds beforehand to see all the interesting and adventurous places you want to explore with your family. Playing different games like volleyball and badminton are most enjoyed. 


You can make your trip memorable only if you choose the right place to visit. Yosemite national park is a great place to plan your camping trips. It has a variety of adventurous places including mountains, forests, caves, lakes etc. You will find it just the right place for camping there. Camping deep in the woods at night and telling scary stories are always appreciated. 


Yosemite has plenty of these places in the National park. Without any barriers, connecting with nature is in Man’s instincts. These camping sites always appeals to us with its beguiling sceneries and views. Make sure to bring a map of Yosemite national park along with you to enjoy your trip at its fullest.


Camping in Yosemite

There are many camping sites in Yosemite which offer you free camping. These sites follow the rule of First come, first served. You just have to come before others and reserve your place there. There are sites like:


-Bridalveil Creek Campground and Horse camp. 

-Camp 4 Campground

-Tamarack Flat Campground

-Yosemite Creek Campground

-White wolf campground

-Porcupine Flat Campground

-Tuolumne Meadows

Bridalveil Creek Campground:

This is one of the largest camping sites of Yosemite. It has more than 110 tent and car sites. You can go there early and reserve a place for all your family members. It has beautiful views and surely is peaceful. It also has a Horse camp near. It has almost 3 horse sites as well. So can enjoy your stay and make beautiful memories here with your family or loved ones for free.


Camp 4 Campground:

It is not a big site for camping but if you are looking for fewer people around then this might be the one. Many people are introverted and don’t like to be around in noisy places. This site only has 35 walk-in tent sites and be the best place for you to camp.


Tamarack Flat Campground:

This campground is about 20 miles from the main gate and has an unpaved road leading to the main road down the hill. It has almost 52 car and tent sites. You can enjoy the starry sky to its fullest while camping here at night.


Yosemite Creek Campground:

It is the least populated and remote area of Yosemite national park along the Tioga road. If you are an introvert and want to enjoy the camping only along with your family, this might be the best place for you to camp. It will allow you to experience life without luxuries and amenities. 


White wolf Campground:

It is situated in the Yosemite north valley near the road. You can easily access this camping site with your car. It has almost 74 can and tent sites. The beautiful views of the valley will surely appeal to you.


Porcupine Flat Campground:

It is also located at the northern area of Yosemite with almost 52 tent or car sites. It is in the valley and is very quiet and unpopulated. You can deeply engross yourself in nature there.

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