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Can I go kayaking with a new tattoo?

If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors in addition to tattoos, you’ve probably been wondering to yourself if it’s safe to participate in aquatic activities right after you just got some fresh ink. The answer to this question is simple yet many people ignore the obvious signs regarding this topic which can lead to potentially disastrous consequences.

There are several different forms of bacteria and microorganisms present in conditions like these which is why it’s not a good idea for you to kayaking immediately after getting a new tattoo. When your tattoo ink is drying, it’s important to cover up the area extremely well which helps the area recover from all of the incisions made into it by the tattoo gun. One of the best ways to put yourself at risk for developing an infection in the area of your fresh tattoo is by allowing it come in contact with water especially near ponds, lakes, and oceans.

Tattoos are essentially skin-deep marking which leave the pores of your epidermis exposed after a new one has been inked onto you. These open spots in your skin are vulnerable to a wide range of different threats one of the most serious of them being bacteria.

The general rule of thumb is that you should wait at least 1-2 weeks after getting a new tattoo before going into any water besides taking a shower. This will allow your new tattoo the proper amount of time to set into your skin safely without exposing it to unknown variables such as bacteria which can lead to infections. It’s very serious that you avoid coming in contact with any sort of saltwater because if allowed to come in contact with your fresh tattoo, you can run the risk of developing a serious disease which can have a significant impact on your life.

There have been many cases in the past where someone recently got a new tattoo and decided to jump inside of a creek or lake only to later be forced to make a decision on whether or not to keep their limbs. Flesh-eating diseases are one of the main troubling factors to consider before attempting to go kayaking with your new tattoo because they are very easy to contract but nearly impossible to get rid of. If not careful, you can even begin to develop septic backup and shock symptoms which can lead to serious injury or worse.

While you may think that you would be able to go kayaking without having to actually come in contact with the water or submerge the freshly inked area completely, you don’t have to because a simple splash in an already vulnerable and sensitive area can lead to issues. As a best practice to avoid any life altering medical conditions, you should always avoid going into any body of water after a fresh tattoo so that you can be sure you’re protecting yourself from all of the potential risks associated with it.

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