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How do I choose a kayak paddle?

Purchasing your kayak is one thing however making sure that you can paddle your vessel forward while on the water is something totally different. In order to propel your vessel forward, you must use a high-quality paddle that is made out of a durable material so that you can remain confident in your ability to be mobile on the water. 

There are various kayak paddle options out on the market all of which combine different elements to ensure that you have a reliable paddle to row your kayak anywhere you decide to.

You need to purchase a paddle that is compatible with your kayak design and length, this will ensure that you’re able to maintain constant motion in any waterway you may encounter. You can determine the proper paddle size for your needs by measuring the width and height of your kayak. This will give you the necessary measurements so that you can choose the correct paddle in accordance with the dimensions of your kayak.

The next thing that you want to look for when selecting a kayak paddle is the material of which it is made from.

Paddles are made from a wide range of different materials and come in many different build types. This is something that you’ll want to keep in mind before finalizing your purchase to ensure that your paddle lasts a long time while out on the water. You need to make sure that your selected kayak paddle is made from some sort of lightweight that is durable and resilient.

This will allow you to gain optimal rowing capacity and efficiency while out on the water in any conditions.

The size and shape of your blade will also determine how well your paddle works while in the water. These two elements are the key factors which will decide whether or not your vessel moves forward while you’re paddling. The wider your kayak is, the wider the paddle you will want to select to ensure that it displaces enough water while out in the water.

Blades also come in different design patterns which can help increase the overall paddling efficiency of your blade.

You should also consider the shaft design of your selected paddle as it will allow you to maintain a comfortable grip on your paddle without experiencing pain of stiffness in your hands. The shape and design of your paddle shaft will impact how efficiently you can traverse the water so always consider this before making your final purchase decision.

Consider all of the variables we mentioned throughout this article so that you will be able to go through a complete checklist on which paddle will make the best option for your needs.

A paddle is one of those essential things that every person who uses a kayak needs to have on them at all times.

By choosing the wrong paddle, you will immediately begin to see how ineffective it is for moving your boat forward so make sure you select the correct option.


The Reverse Stroke

You should be using the back face of the paddle for maneuvering in the backward direction. If you are planning to look back to the rear, you should be placing the back part of the paddle in the water, behind you. Now, you need to take the paddle in the forward direction in the water.

Sweep stroke

For turning the kayak, you require plunging the paddle in the water, present near the boat’s tip. You should sweep the paddle in the backward direction across the water to the back part of the water while ensuring that the paddle is placed horizontally. The motion will now be forming the arch shape. You should ensure at the same time that the blade is not leaving the water until you need to rotate the same to the other side.


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