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Are dogs allowed on kayaks?

Dogs are men’s best friends, humble animals who make great companions. People who own a pet especially a dog are very much attached to their friendly beast, hence leaving them behind while going on vacations is one difficult decision to make.

Planning a trip down the waters?

Going on a kayaking trip yet worried about your little buddy?

What if you’re told that yes, you can take your old, furry friend along with you.

You heard it right! There are kayaks now available in the market that are especially designed for people who wish to take their pets along.

Most kayaks are designed in a way that it can accommodate only one person and may be a few essentials. Why it is not considered a good idea to take your dog along? Because kayaks are get unstable easily under the weight of the dog.

Pets like dogs are huge and weight a lot. On the contrary, kayaks are light in weight and often unstable, so if an animal jumps on it, the craft can tip over and drown the passengers.

But here is the good news! Now there are some available that are especially designed to carry an extra partner along, in this case your dog!


  • Taking the Pet Along

Before you set out to paddle with your furry buddy, here are a few things to consider:

  1. PFD for the dog

Well, no matter how experienced you are at kayaking, it is always advisable to keep yourself prepared for any mishaps. If you plan on taking your dog along, make him wear a personal floating device, so that in case the kayak tips over, the dog remain afloat until help reaches it.

  1. Getting familiar with the craft

Take your dog for a short visit to the kayak. Let him jump on and off and explore the water craft. The faster he gets familiar with it, the easier will it be for you to take him along.

  1. Remain closer to the shore

Like human, dogs can to get frantic upon entering new grounds. When you set out your kayak into the water, try to remain as close to the shore as possible, in case the pet gets scared and tries to jump off. In which case, the dog can swim quickly to the shore and be in safe hands.

  1. Stick close together

If your dog is experiencing the “kayak ride” for the first time, the idea is to stay close together. Do not allow your friend to roam around the craft, jump from a corner to another and just simply stick by. This is so the in case the dog gets scared, he may know there is someone close by, a friend to soothe him.

The idea of taking your pet along may seem an exciting one, but not always feasible to execute. If you’re planning a trip soon enough and wish to take your dog along, buy a kayak that is designed to accommodate your little buddy.


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