Can I put a motor on a kayak?

Kayaks are designed for steady and placid waters.

This is why, this watercraft is created in way to maneuver gently over water and reach out to places that one wishes to enjoy. The harder you paddle, the faster you go, but of course paddling for longer hour can get exhausting.

  • The Traditional Design

Most kayaks are longer in length and smaller in width with a capacity to fit in one or two person at most simultaneously. And yes, enough space to adjust important tools and equipment inside the craft.

The cockpit is a small opening which allows half of your body to remain outside the kayak, making it easier for you to paddle. The smaller the kayak, the easier will it be to control. This watercraft is has been around for over a decade now, entertaining people with its generous characteristics.

Kayaks are commonly used as a sports craft where people compete with each other in placid water. Other purpose achieved by this portable mini-boat is that of fishing. Kayaks are easy to carry around and inexpensive as compared to bigger fishing boats. For people who go for fishing as a hobby or professionals with limited resources, paddling kayaks seems to be the best options.


  • Speeding up the craft

Paddling a kayak can be exhausting. If you wish to go on a longer route than paddling continuously will lead to exhaustion and achy arms. So, as a better alternative, can you fit a motor in the craft?

Yes, that can definitely be done if the kayak has the right holes drilled in it. This has very much become the newest trend and thus, most kayaks that are sold in the market today have an extra compartment to position batteries for the motor. When fitting up trolling motor in your kayak, here are a few things to bear in mind:


  1. No extra holes

When buying a kayak, make sure you purchase a decent sized one that can easily hold the weight of the motor. And once you start working on the fitting part of the trolling motor, do not drill extra hole or when out in the waters, the kayak can flip and drown.


  1. Longer lasting Batteries

If you wish to go inside deep waters to get a good catch, you’ll definitely need batteries that will last longer. The motor fitted in your kayak will require a battery to move and thus, for longer routes, you need stronger batteries to go with.

Fitting a trolling motor in a kayak is no rocket science but yes, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration before you go out start drilling holes in your craft. Kayaks today are designed in a way that they have space to fit a motor and relief you off the pain of paddling. If you think paddling is not your style but love kayaking, fitting a trolling motor is definitely a good idea and not an expensive one as well!


While making a perfect choice of motors for your kayaks you must consider the basic points such as motor thrust, applicable for saltwater or freshwater, transom or bow-mounted, hand or foot-operated, additional features, and price of the motor.

So, here is a list:

Gorplus Mounted Freshwater Motor 36-inch Shaft

It is a 24volt motor for your kayak with great power. It delivers up to 86 pounds of thrust and has a 36- inch shaft, this motor provides enough thrust to power any kayak available in the market. It features a 3 blade propeller and a  10 point LED lighted battery indicator to inform you about the juice remaining in your battery. It is a reliable motor for one who never wants to compromise power. This is a perfect fit irrespective of which model of kayak do you use. This motor is a perfect fit and easy to use motor.


Watersnake FWDR54-48 Shadow Bow Mount Foot Controlled Motor

It is a perfect kayak motor to survive even the heavy underwater grasses. It also provides a great thrust and best performance than any other motor. This motor supports a 54 pounds of thrust and 48-inch shaft. It is also equipped with a three-blade propeller which is made up of stainless steel and even composite shafts which ensure durability and corrosive resistance. It provides a trouble-free operation with its variable speed foot controls. It is designed to provide you a long service to your kayak.


Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom mounted motor

A kayak is generally used in normal water and for fishing purposes, this motor is a perfect fit for that. It emphasizes the 30-inch shaft and 30 pounds of thrust which offers you five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. It also includes a 6-inch telescoping handle and a lever lock bracket. When turned on, this motor is a perfect fit for your fishing kayak as it provides silent functioning which won’t let your fishes go far away from you. So, you can silently enjoy fishing in your kayak.


Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Motor

As the name clearly explains that this is made for functioning on saltwater. It is an encapsulated electric motor head which is mounted using stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium hardware that makes it salt corrosion-resistant. It can also be safely used in freshwater as well. It features 46- pounds thrust with 8 speeds with 5 forward and 3 reverse. It is even able to power a large tandem kayak. It is reliable in every harsh condition to support your kayak.


Saturn Electric Short Shaft motor:

This is a lightweight motor suitable for all size kayaks and other small vessels. This 12-volt motor hives you 55 pounds of thrust and includes 5forward and 3 reverse speeds. The handle used in it is a lot way expandable even up to 13.8 inches which gives the users more comfort controlling power. It also features an easy to read battery indicator that will indicate the remaining battery life of your motor. So, this is a perfect choice for you irrespective of the size of your kayak but will still provide the best power.


Watersnake T24-S ASP Motor: This motor is lightweight, easy to use, and designed specifically for kayaks. It offers 24 pounds of thrust, which is suitable for most kayaking adventures.

Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit: This compact and lightweight motor is designed specifically for kayaks and can be attached to various models. It’s easy to install, has a top speed of around 7 mph, and can run for over 10 hours on a single charge, depending on the speed setting.

Torqeedo Ultralight 403: This is a high-end, lightweight motor with a lithium battery that offers a range of up to 25 miles. It has an integrated GPS and offers 1 HP equivalent power.




  1. 18-24 pounds of thrust: These motors are suitable for small and lightweight kayaks, typically providing a top speed of around 3-4 mph.
  2. 30-40 pounds of thrust: These motors can provide a top speed of around 4-6 mph, depending on the kayak’s weight and water conditions.
  3. 45-55 pounds of thrust: For larger and heavier kayaks, these motors can offer a top speed of around 6-8 mph.