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How do you train a dog to kayak?

Dogs are amazing animals. Not only do they make great friends and companions, but also safeguard their owners at the times of need. These intelligent species amongst the animal world are known to learn quickly. Through a ball and ask them to “fetch”, the dog will do that every time!

This is what makes training them easy and fun. Dogs are trained to be friendly yet fierce if needed. Your pet may look a confident one, but many are scared of water, thus taking them on a kayaking trip may not seem a feasible idea.


  • Does your dog love kayaking?

Most dog breeds are great swimmers. They may jump in water and start paddling, looking funny and cute at the same time. Jumping into open waters I very much different from swimming in a pool. It can possess great risk hence when you take your pup out for kayaking, make sure he is trained well or else things can get ugly.

As much as you wish to take your buddy along with you in the vast waters, it is always a good idea to train them for the trip just in case to avoid any accidents or mishaps.

  • How to train your dog for kayaking?

The task may not seem an easy one, but it is not entirely impossible to train your dog for kayaking. A few days of hard work and sweat, and your dog will be trained for the waters. Here is what you can do to prepare your friend for the trip down the waters:

  1. Wearing PDA

Experienced or not, personal floating devices should always been worn when going for kayaking. Why? Just in case the sea gets roughs and the kayak capsizes, the device will help you keep afloat. If you’re taking your dog along, make him wear a PDA so he can be kept safe from getting wet.

  1. Getting familiar

New things that are unknown previously to animals can make them anxious. So it is important to get them familiar with a kayak that you wish to take them on. Let the dog jump over it, walk on top of it and get familiarized. This way, when the kayak along with you and the dog will enter the water, the animal won’t get frazzled and stay on-board.

  1. Paddle near the shore

Animals especially dogs can be unpredictable. Watching the never ending water, dogs can get anxious and tend to jump off the kayak. This is why, if your taking your dog on a trip for the very first time, paddle near the shore so in case the pet jumps off, he can easily swim towards the shore and be safe.

  1. Stick close together

Keep your pup closer to yourself so even if he tends to get scared, he’ll know someone dear to him is holding him close which will of course calm down his nerves.

Kayaking may seem a little dangerous for pets but of trained accordingly, dogs can be taken along!

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