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How should I dress for kayaking?

Water sport is all about a little splash here and little there and getting all wet. But who doesn’t love getting a few drops on themselves while doing something they love? People who love adventure, challenges and aren’t scared of risking their lives, kayaking is one sport that they should try out once in their lifetime.

Even with the easiest sport to entertain oneself, you need to dress up appropriately for it or else the fun can be ruined completely. I mean if you’re going for kayaking, you need to fit inside small boat and so wearing frilled frocks or jeans with t-shirt will only make you uncomfortable.

When going for kayaking, you need to dress up comfortably, in clothes that will keep your protected against the temperature and most importantly, keep you covered from head to toe.

So how should one dress for this sport? Here are a few things to remember:


  1. Wearing personal flotation device

Always wear a personal flotation device under your clothing layers whenever going out into the open waters. Why? This is because in case of an accident, the device will save you from drowning, by keeping you afloat!


  1. No cotton clothes

No matter how experienced of a kayak you are, the paddling can cause water splashes to fall on your body, thus wetting your clothes. And while in the open water, you wouldn’t want to risk wetting your clothes and getting sick. This is why when going for kayaking, avoid cotton clothing in every layer to stay dry for longer.

Clothes made out of cotton absorb water quickly and do not dry quickly, hence risking your health! Say no to cotton clothing while kayaking and stay dry!


  1. Clothing for sun protection

Even if the sky is full of clouds on the day you set out foot for kayaking, you’ll still be exposed to the UV rays. Before going in the water, dress up in sun protected clothing and apply sun screen to avoid blisters that can be caused because of too much sun exposure.

  1. Dress up in layers

The idea is to put on a few layers of clothing, be it thin ones or thick, depending on the temperature of the water you planning on exploring. This is so in case your upper layer gets wet, the inner layers will keep your body warm and protected.


  1. Comfortable and abrasion resistant fabric

The dress you wear on kayaking should be able to withstand the wearing and tearing caused by the tides. Fabric that is tough will keep you protected for longer hence you’ll get a better chance at exploring the depths of oceans and sea waters.

Kayaking is fun but a dangerous sport to name. No matter how experienced you are, one miss step and things can get ugly. This is why before you set out to kayak, it is important to be equipped rightly and dressed perfectly for the occasion, so the experience you gain lasts for a lifetime.


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