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What are the benefits of using a short kayak as opposed to a long kayak?

When it comes to kayaking, the shape and size of the model that you select will play a very important role in how well you can maneuver and control the vessel while out on the water. That’s why you always need to make sure that you choose the right model kayak which will fit your preferred paddling and steering style. There are a lot of different variables which impact how well you are able to steer and guide your kayak throughout the water one of the main ones being its overall design and shape.

Many experienced kayakers prefer shorter model kayaks because they give you more control over the direction and handling of the vessel. Wider kayak models are great because they provide more stability for you while out on the water being that there is more water displaced every time you paddle. That makes it easier for you to maintain balance because the water displacement is not uneven like it is with narrow kayak models.

Longer kayak models are great for speed, due to their long body shapes and narrow edges, they are able to reach higher rates of speed in shorter amounts of time when compared to thicker kayak models. While this length may be good for speed, it is not optimal for stability and control which is why they are more prone to capsizing and tipping over. Kayaks with a long body design also tend to be much harder to steer when coming into corners on the water so that is something you’ll want to keep in mind as it relates to the waterway in which you’ll be traversing.


If you’re a beginner kayaker, you will want to stick with a rather short and wide model to ensure that you get the hang of the maneuvering mechanics before setting out on the water. In review, the main benefits of using a short and wide kayak is that you will have more control over the steering and your ability to move the vessel forward. Longer kayaks are built for speed and not so much for control over taking corners or maneuvering throughout the water in general.

You must remember, the longer the kayak the harder it will be to steer while out on the water. This is a very critical factor to consider especially depending on the outline of your selected waterway. For beginners, you’ll want to make sure that you select a short and wide kayak option so that you can maintain total control over the vessel while out in the water. If you’re an experienced kayaker who can handle the added complexity of paddling a narrow and long kayak and desire speed, you should choose a model with these configurations as it will be the optimal choice for you.

As you can see, short and wide kayaks are the preferred model of most beginners due to their ease of use and ease of steering.


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