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How much does it cost to rent an RV (per week or month)

If you’re interested in taking a cross-country trip around the states, or if you’re interested in going camping, you’ll need an RV to assist on your journey with no doubts. Gaining access to an RV to begin your trip can be a difficult process if you’re not currently an owner of one.

The typical cost for a Class A RV that has been on the market for more than 10yrs is going to be around $1600 per week. A class C is somewhat less.

For newer models, you can expect to pay around $1800 a week all depending on the stipulations of the renter and what terms you all come to as an agreement.

Type of RV Capacity Weekly Cost Monthly Cost
Class C 6 $1,300.00 $3,900.00
Class A 8 $1,600.00 $4,500.00
Large Travel Trailer 6 $1,000.00 $3,000.00
Small Travel Trailer 4 $450.00 $1,200.00
Pop up camper 4 $300.00 $900.00
Class B 2 $1,000.00 $3,000.00

Note: There are additional fees when renting such as: prep fee, insurance, deposit, gas, cleaning fee, pet fee, tank emptying fee, delivery fee, and you need to buy gas too.

There are also like-new or complete brand-new motorhome options that go as high as $600/week for rental purposes so it all depends on the model that you decide to purchase and who’s offering the vehicle up.


The RVs you’ll be choosing from when it comes to selecting rental will range in the low-class models, to the mid-range models, and finally the high-end models. Most of these RVs are required to pass an inspection before being listed on any rental platform however it is always best for you to do your own inspection prior to finalizing the rental contract to ensure there are no present safety issues.

Class C RVs tent to go for about $100-$400 a day depending on the model and it’s features. You can also find premium class C RVs that for $400 a day minimum however you can always find a cheaper and more affordable option as long as you take the time to look and search for all of your available options. Also, you have to pay fees everyday you are at a RV campground.


However, there is good news for those that want to use a premium RV for their camping or traveling needs without having to purchase one for full price. Renting an RV is becoming an increasingly popular option with many camping and traveling enthusiasts because it allows you to utilize an RV for your intended purposes without being responsible for the maintenance or upkeep over time.

When it comes to renting an RV, price is still a huge factor to consider and the amount of money that you pay will all depend on where you decide to rent your RV from in addition to the specific model and configuration that you decide to rent.

Before renting , the first thing that you want to confirm is whether or not your state requires you to obtain a CDL in order to operate one. Some states do require a CDL for RV or motorhome operation while others don’t so it’s important for you to confirm this information before deciding to purchase an RV.

Once you’ve confirmed whether or not you need a CDL, it’s time to select which RV model is right for you. There are several different websites that you can find a premium selection of high-quality RV options to choose from however there are also other methods like apps and classified pages.


Are you interested in renting out RV?

The best RV rental companies are: Outdoorsy, RVShare, Cruise America, and El Monte RV.

You might be looking for some reliable options around. Well, there are several RV rental companies that you can checkout to list your RV for rental. They can help you find the best deal in all seasons so that you can make good money from this RV rental business.

Well, the market is loaded with plenty of RV rental companies, and all of them offer a different kind of services. While picking up your platform, you have to be more careful. Although you may find their websites easier to navigate and the prices are also very reasonable, it is still important to explore all essential details prior to making a final decision.

Choosing the best RV rental company:

There is no doubt to say that all these RV rental companies claim to be the best; however, for beginners, it may be quite challenging to determine the most reliable option. Experts advise going to the list of few essential features that can help you to understand the pros and cons of choosing a specific company for RV rental.

There are generally three types of RV rental companies. You can either go ahead with RV rental marketplace platforms, corporate RV rental or peer to peer RV rental. The RV rental marketplace consolidates all the potential corporate rental companies to a single platform. The corporate RV rental companies further possess their own inventory; they own RVs and rent them to the clients. Peer to peer RV rental companies help people get RV from some individual RV owner so that they can enjoy summer vacations without any hassle.

Here we have highlighted a few essential details of top-rated RV rental companies. You can go through the information below to make a confident decision about the best rental company:


The first most popular name in the list is Outdoorsy that can help you rent RV all over the United States. People find this platform more reliable since every RV owner first need to fill a detailed form here, and the RV rental is approved only after verifying those details. It means people who need RV on rent can trust this platform.

The best thing about Outdoorsy RV rental deals is that they offer incredible roadside assistance 24×7. So, you can enjoy a worry-free trip with family and friends. When you are in search of RV rental, you can just visit the Outdoorsy platform online and choose the perfect RV for your needs. If you are the one who wants to list your RV on rent, the process is again very simple and quick.

The company has achieved more than 5000 5-start reviews from its satisfied clients, and these ratings show the reliability of this company. Outdoorsy is currently serving clients at Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. The prices for rental are also very reasonable, and the system is easy to use.


Here is another famous RV rental company that also follows peer to peer rental system. Same as Outdoorsy, only approved renters can rent their RV on this platform; hence, it has gained a huge reputation online for the trustworthiness.

The most amazing thing about RV rental with RVShare is that you will find their website pretty convenient to use. They are also running a 5% cash-back loyalty program which can provide great benefits to the returning customers. Furthermore, the company also offers 24X7 hour roadside assistance so that you can enjoy safe travel experience with family.

Whether you are interested in listing your RV for rental or are looking for one to enjoy your vacation trip, RVShare can serve your needs better. Another amazing thing to know about this company is that they follow a secure online payment mechanism. So, renters can make payments without worrying about scams. The prices of RV rental on RVShare platform usually depends upon the location and the type of vehicle.

Cruise America:

Cruise America is another popular RV rental company in the list. They are currently having their own well-managed fleet of RVs to serve customers in the Canada and United States. While renting out RV from this company, you can be sure about safety and cleanliness. These professionals make sure that their RVs are always in a classic condition so that users can enjoy the comfortable travel experience.

All the RVs are decorated with the printed colourful pictures of different famous tourist destinations of America. You will find these RVs aesthetically pleasing. They are generally available in four different size ranges, including large, intermediate, standard and compact. You can choose the one which fits your requirements in the best possible manner.

The only trouble about Cruise America RV rental is that their price ranges are considerably higher. You have to pay extra for all the things in the kitchen and bedding along with the extra necessities. But yes, you can be sure about quality and service. It is good to check out different options on their website and then look for the best pricing offer.

EL Monte RV:

EL Monte RV is a corporate RV rental company. They have their own collection of RVs and also sell them to potential buyers. Their fleet includes all amazing Class motorhomes along with fifth wheels. The wide variety makes it easier for frequent travellers to choose the most suitable RV for rental.

They are running an interesting customer loyalty rewards program; you can enjoy incredible bonuses of being a part of the company. The great news is that they offer free use of generators. Moreover, these RVs are pet friendly so you can plan a trip with your furry friend with ease.

EI Monte RV also offers the one-way rental option. From the rental locations, you can also avail airport transport services. These additional facilities promise a comfortable and reliable RV rental experience to the beginners as well as frequent travellers.

Now you have gone through the essential details related to RV companies. This information may help you to make an easy selection for the best RV rental to make your summer vacations more memorable. Whether you are planning to move out with family or friends; comfort and safety must always be on priority.

It is better to look for a well-managed RV that can offer you reliable travel experience. Also, it is advised to go ahead with companies that offer 24×7 hour on-road assistance so that you can avoid delays and breakdowns with ease. Make sure you check out all available RV options carefully and then pick the best one for your holiday trip.

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