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Can you drink in a moving RV?

A trip along with close friends and family in your RV seems incomplete when there is absolutely no hint of alcohol. However, there is hardly any rider who doesn’t carry a few bottles of wine, beers or cocktails while traveling; but there are several rules that accompany the question, whether or not you can drink in a moving RV.

You should not drink in your RV will driving but people in the back can in some places. Each state in the US has different laws. These few states will allow non drivers to drink:


State Open Container Allowed
Connecticut Yes
Delaware Yes
Missouri Yes
Mississippi Yes
Tennessee Yes
Virginia Yes
Rhode Island Yes
All other States No


No alcohol should only be consumed when the RV is at rest on the campground or is at a halt. The Federal law of most countries binds the scope of alcohol and the suitable spots in which they can be opened and moving automobiles fall under its prohibition. This law is the same in case of any other vehicle on wheels to ensure that the driver doesn’t lose his concentration because of the intoxication, or the riders do not create any form of distraction for the driver under the influence of alcohol.

Once you open a bottle of alcohol inside the RV when it is moving or while it is not parked in the delineated area, it will be considered as an illegal open container and you will be legally charged for it. Furthermore, if the legal officials find you drinking in a moving RV or even catch you opening a bottle, you will be asked to present a justification and pay compensation for breaching the rules of the road. There is also a fair chance of invoking a worse situation where the whole army of passengers of the RV can be condemned by the police even when they did not have anything to do with the matter directly.


What can be done?

To be on the safer spectrum of scenarios, it is recommended that you do not carry any form of alcohol in the RV, leave along drinking it on the way. There are primarily two reasons because of which the drinking laws have been enhanced and are being practiced with superior discipline; firstly, it poses huge risks to the lives of the people inside the camper and the innocent ones around, and secondly, alcohol is a highly inflammable liquid which when not taken care of sincerely can interfere with other hazardous objects in the RV thus causing an unanticipated accident or damage of properties.

If you at all have the intention to drink while on the road, procure the alcoholic beverages once you reach the campground to remain secure from every aspect; because, even if the police finds you merely carrying the bottles, you will be held answerable to the authorities and there will be no easy escape.

Once you reach the campsite, you will hardly face any rules imposed unless you move across borders. But here are a few things that should be kept in mind while moving around in an RV.

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