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Big Bend National Park Best Hikes

Big Bend National Park is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Texas that is loaded with unlimited blessings of nature. Here you will find many stunning hiking trails beside the famous Rio Grande river’s mountain ridges. The park is basically divided into three different sections as the Rio Grande Village, Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and Chisos Basin.

Chisos Basin area is loaded with many big mountains that serve some of the most difficult hikes of the Big Bend National Park. The Rio Grande Village is further established along Rio Grande River where you will find scenic hikes with several short trails. Furthermore, the Santa Elena Canyon is also known for many spectacular hikes in the area.

In case if you are visiting this largest park of Texas for the first time, the chances are that you might be confused about which hikes can be covered in one go. Well, among the long list of hikes present at Big Bend National Park, we can help you choose the best ones as below:

  1. Santa Elena Canyon Trail:

This is a 1.6-mile long, in and out hike with most beautiful views around. At some points, this trail runs beside Rio Grande River; sometimes it takes you to the ridges and many times on the edge of the water. The giant walls on both sides of this narrow canyon rise up to 1500 feet. People often fall in love with the orange glow in the water and the awesome beauty of the ridges on this hike.

  1. The Window Trail:

Here is a beautiful 5.6-mile trail that offers eye-catching views on both directions. It is named as Window Trail due to a natural window-like shape present at the end of the trail; it is basically a notch in the ridges of the mountains. The window is 8 to 10 feet wide, and the surface of the rock is quite slippery. It is important to be very careful if you want to go to the edge. Although the trail actually starts from the Chisos Basin Visitor Center, you can also access it from Chisos Basin Campground.

  1. Hot Springs Trail:

Many people visiting Big Bend National Park prefer to visit the hot springs, but we advise you to explore the entire trail that is just a few miles in length. It offers some incredible views across the Rio Grande. If you walk through the trail in the spring season, you will find many attractive flowers blooming on the hillside. Right after the area loaded with many hot springs, this trail moves down to the riverside, and further you can reach the parking area with the short walk of 0.25 miles.

  1. Nature Trail:

Hikes that are curious to explore the awesome beauty of River Grande Village are advised to plan their tour to Nature Trail. This 0.75- mile hike passes through Rio Grande River while covering many beautiful areas of the village. You will definitely love to explore the deserts, greeneries, and many other scenic views on the way.


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