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Can I Live in an RV on My Property?

Most state doesn’t allow to live in your RV even in your own property. They face different problems in their area. The state doesn’t allow living in your RV in the place where the roads are too busy.

All the land free land in your country is yours. Most people want to know what can I live in my personal RV on my own property. The answer is may be or maybe not. The reasons for these answers are following;

Zoning law

In some areas that are not allowed by the zoning law and some zoning law allow to live on your own property in your RV. Most of the cities do not allow full-time motor home even in your own purchased property. Many states don’t allow people to park RV in the free space due to other houses of the people. There are also some places in some lands that do not allow people to live in their area anywhere in their personal RV.

According to the area

A different number of schools and educational institutions are there, which place is famous for different types of hospitals. Mostly road and the bridges are not very large and it’s difficult for RVers to pass from there easily, hence State does not allow RV for full time live. Some neighbors are not allowed to live in RV full time because they disturb and complain. Hence state does not allow it.

Hence, there are some areas where you can easily live in your RV in your own property. These areas are perfect for RV too because there are green areas, easy access to the markets, portable water, electricity, telephone, calls, internet, and many more facilities. The road and the bridges of these areas are wide and strong for RVs. Above all there are different people who live in their RV in your own personal property. Hence, you will feel good to select that type of environment and place near your home city.

Approved by state

Some states allow you to live in your RV full time in your own property. Check these states and before purchasing area, in these state check the important consideration of the property for example water is easily portable to your location, electricity, signals of, telephone, mobile phone, and internet.

Choice the best location

Many states give permission to live in their RV for full time. It is important to select the best place where you can lie easily in your RV. This state must not be too far from your home city. It is easy to make arrangement for daily life use goods. Roads are smooth and big in that area.


If you want to live full time in your RV on your personal property, you have to check the zonal area. Maybe and maybe not they allow you to live in the specific place. Hence, checking and getting information to live full time in your RV is important to purchase property for your RV to live full time there.

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