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Establishing State Residency When Living Full Time in an RV

Mostly RVers home are on the place where their RVs are. If you want to live in your RV in your home, hence, it is very important to close your home in the market area. Your house is in front of the large road and your family members and neighbors allow your RV. Most people want to live full time in an RV. Hence, it is not easy because you cannot claim the place in every state, where is your RV home. It is very important to establish a state residency if you want to live full time in an RV.

Choosing a State of residency

It is one of the essential and difficult steps to choose the state of residency when you want to live full time in your RV. there are many states who do not allow you to live full time in RV, but some states not only allow you to lie full-time residency in RV but also give other benefits to you. Those state also give you a legal residence because you can live easily for the long in that state. That state must give you the legal residency. That state is friendly to full-time RVers.

You have to check those benefits while choosing a state of residency

No income tax

Always select the state which has no income tax or very less income tax, and they are also friendly with full-time RVers. There are some starts like Texas, Florida, Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, and Washington.

No sales Tax

Sales tax matter a lot because due to the high sales tax the price of the goods increase and the price of the goods are normal when there is no sales tax. While choosing the state residency it is important to check the sales tax in the state to lie easily for a long time. Delaware, Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and New Hampshire are the countries which have no sale tax, and they are also full-time RVers friendly. These states have local tax instead of sales tax.

Check things before changing state residency

Driving license

Some countries accepting the driving license of the other countries as well but these are very few countries. You have to take driving license after driving test.

Registration and Insurance of your vehicles

Documentation of your vehicle is important from the state from where you get your driving license. Registration and insurance can also do by mail by filling some documents. It is important for every RVers because the state is responsible for your any type of misshaping with your RV.

Health insurance

Health insurance should be purchased and if you are Medicare you should inform the state of residency to avoid any type of health-related problems.

Check Income and sale tax

You should select the place of the residency where don’t have state income tax or sales tax. It is worth to select the state for the residency where don’t have income tax. It will affect your budget and tax liability.


It is essential to check the state from a different perspective while choosing the state residency to live full time in your RV.

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