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Glamping Vs Camping, What is the difference?

Mostly people do not enjoy their trip, because they could not find the difference between camping and glamping. They actually want to live in camping but they shift in glamping and many people want to spend their time in glamping but they trip towards camping. Hence, in this write up, people can read Glamping Vs. Camping.

Glamping vs camping

The difference between the two is based on the fact that despite the fact that both are practiced in nature, glamping tends to be in better areas with greater safety, unlike the areas where people who go camping tend to go.

The main advantage of glamping is that you forget the discomfort of camping and this is the reason because you will have a good bed, bathtub and, infrastructure that will allow you to feel as relaxed as possible and without the fear of having to light a fire, since as we mentioned yurts previously had a heating system.

A disadvantage of camping is the exposure you find when you enter risk areas that, despite being monitored, are not exempt from phenomena that may expose people who visit them. The discomfort of the stones under the tent, the sudden temperature changes that will make you want to get wet or light a fire from one moment to the next, is something that few people today prefer when it comes to hiking.

However, although it seems that most tourists have adopted the practice of glamping forgetting the traditional way of camping, the truth is that many prefer to continue carrying their own tent and resources to experience the essence of going on a trip with nature.

Doesn’t it sound good to wake up in a huge bed and go to the sauna in the middle of the forest? Have a buffet and have breakfast while observing the wonderful view of the landscape? The truth is that many would say yes, but I assure you that when you know the price of these luxuries the only thing you will think is “I prefer to camp with my own mat and in a traditional way”, and that is that if we compare the prices, the camping turns out to be the most accessible and economical way if all you want is to make a trip without taking into account the discomforts that arise.

Glamping designs

The infrastructures with which glamping is practiced might seem small on the outside, but the reality is that when comparing the camping they are a wonder of comfort where you can spend time with your friends or family if you want to have a good time watching the trees while eating roast before having a glass of wine.

All this revolution has questioned the idea of whether it is actually still called hiking or camping if you have all the services and amenities you have in your house, and that is, although in essence, you continue camping, you do not really live the experience hiking and experiencing the discomforts that characterized venturing into a wild place.

Although the glamping style seems more comfortable to many, the truth is that the high price and demand, caused many to continue adopting the idea of going on a trip to the traditional way. As you may have noticed, there are many differences between each style, these are some key differences that will help you to have greater ease when choosing what style, you will do when traveling.

The place

Glamping: yurts that will have all the electricity and water services, are usually found during the best views and are close to other places such as attractions.

Camping: you use your own tent, you have the decision of where to settle, being able to be near or far from some restaurants or attractions that can be found in the place.

Bath and healthcare

Glamping: you will have the best luxurious bath, depending on the money you are willing to pay you can even have your jacuzzi or a spa.

Camping: you decide where to go, just choose your favorite tree. If the smell you will have for the days you are camping does not bother you, this is your option.

Where the store your objects

Glamping: the ease of being able to store anything in your cabin or yurt, will make you want to carry any precious objects such as your computer and even more food that needs refrigeration for the reason that many of these spaces have their own fridge bar.

Camping: the best thing you can do is not carry valuable or heavy things, as these will weigh a lot and will prevent you from being able to go out freely without worrying about your belongings.

Bounded camping

there are places where activities are already established in specific areas that may have people watching to prevent an accident from occurring at the time of the tourist is stay, or in their minority, areas without security where you are exposed to animals that are in the area where you decide to say.

Camping areas

they are the famous areas destined to be able to camp, in these you do not have any type of security and you are completely exposed to nature and wild animals that you may come across during your journey as a nature adventurer.

As for glamping, like camping, there are different types, and there is a wide variety of accommodation and amenities. The important thing to know is that no matter how you glamp, the only fundamental thing is to always maintain the glamour.

There are tents called yurts where you live the experience of glamping in its most natural form, they are made of wooden floors and a tent which is made to cover people who stay in it from the different climatic changes that may occur during your stay, they usually have double beds, showers and, bathtubs to enjoying a relaxing bubble bath and of course, air conditioning as well as food service that will make you feel that you are in a five – star hotel.

Glamping Vs. Camping

Your Stay

In camping you bring your own tent with yourself and tenting from the far residential places to live in the very nature environment. In your own tent you are totally near to the natural without any amenities.

In glamping you live in the already made small house which is full of beauty within that natural environment. This house is full of amenities like electricity, refrigerator and other goods of life. It is not so far from the attraction and restaurants.


In camping you make your own restroom inside your tent and there will be no proper bed to sleep. You bring your sleeping beg or the other things to sleep with yourself. You will sleep under the stars.

In glamping there are proper restrooms with a proper bed. You need not to bring anything with yourself for your bed to sleep. In glamping you will sleep on mattress with the clean sheet and on the proper pillow.

Cook food

In camping you collect firewood and roost the marshmallows on the open air and open fire. Or you can eat those dry foods which you bring with yourself.

In glampin, you can bring a lot of food with yourself. You can eat homemade food if you come in RV glamping.

How to make your tea or coffee in the morning

In camping, you will make your tea or coffee on the firewood and in the cattle which you bring with yourself for tea or coffee. You have to bring your own ingredients.

In glamping, you can enjoy the complimentary beg of your coffee, pot and other essential ingredience for making coffee or tea.

How you do shower

In camping, mostly camper do not get shower due to not avalibility the proper place for shower. Some take the shower in the open air by using the water of river. Some camper takes shower by bathing in the open water.

In glamping, there are proper bathrooms inside it. People enjoy their nice shower.

Control the temperature

Camper controls their temperature by opening or closing the tent flap, by wearing the lighter or thicker clothes. They can sit under the shadow of the tress or enjoy the warm sunshine in the cold. You can also use hand fan if you bring it with yourself because they don’t have any electricity, and they are very close to the nature.

In glamping, there is electricity facility. Glamplers use air condition and heater to control the temperature.

Store your supplies

In camping you can store your supplies by hanging it. You can keep your clothes in begs. While in glamping you can store your suppliers in refrigerators and keep or hang your clothes in dresser.


Camping is more close to the nature without modern facilities, while glamping is not as much close to the nature and provide different modern facilities.

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