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How Many Square Feet in a 30 Foot RV

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I like to have more space inside an RV.

How many square feet in a 30 foot RV

Mostly people ask this question and discuses the topic that how many square feet n the 30 foot RV so, it depends on the width of the RVs.

Class A RV square feet in 30 foot

Class A Motorhomes have length 30 foot and the width of it is 9 foot. Hence, Class A RV square feet in 30 foot is 270 square ft. this is the large size of RV, but it is the normal size in the class A RVs.

If the width of the class A RV is 8 ft, then its length is 30 ft then the length of that RV is 240 square feet. Mostly all the class A RV minimum length is 30 foot and the average length of the Class C RVs are 30 foot while class B RV length is less than 30 foot. Hence, the square feet of the all 30 foot RVs are depending on the width of the RVs.

Why it is important to know the size of the RVs?

It is important to know the size of the RV because the registration fee totally depends on the size of the RV. The larger size of RV higher the registration fee. The larger size of RV needs more fuel to go for few miles. In the large size of the RV, not every driver can ride it and state does not allow riding the larger size of RV to the normal driver.


The RV I rented was an impressive Class A motorhome, a real behemoth of a vehicle that stretched close to 34 feet in length, it was a luxurious beast offering a spacious 250 square feet of living space. It had a width of around 8.5 feet, and when the slide-outs were extended at our campsite, it felt as roomy as a cozy apartment. With a ceiling height of about 7 feet, even my tallest family member could walk around without the need to duck.

As I walked through the interior during the initial walkthrough, I was amazed by how well the space was utilized. The living area featured a comfortable sofa that converted into a bed, a dinette that also transformed for additional sleeping space, and a flat-screen TV for our evening entertainment. The kitchen was a dream, equipped with a three-burner stove, a sizeable refrigerator, and even a microwave oven. I could already picture myself whipping up hearty meals after a day of adventure.

The RV boasted a full bathroom, complete with a shower, toilet, and sink, all surprisingly spacious for a vehicle. But the real cherry on top was the master bedroom at the back. It had a queen-sized bed, ample closet space, and enough room to navigate without bumping into each other—a luxury in the world of RVing.

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