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Is Big Bend National Park Safe?

At the southern border of the city of Texas, there is a beautiful tourist place named as Big Bend National Park. It stretches up to 120 miles along the beautiful Rio Grande River forming the international boundary with Mexico.

This place might be less popular among tourists due to its remote location, but camping enthusiast and hiking lovers are always curious to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this place. We must say that Big Bend National Park is the best destination for the adventure lovers; however, the park has its own risks and safety issues. One needs to be careful while visiting this outstanding tourist destination.

You can enjoy the ultimate beauty of this park and the calming hikes throughout the year; but before you pack your bags, it is good to go through the facts mentioned below. Here we are going to talk about the safety issues associated with Big Bend National Park to ease your journey.

Weather-related risks:

In the summer season, the Rio Grande River is reported to have a peak temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the heat level near bare rocks that work as a reflector may rise up to 130 degrees. In case if you are planning to visit this park in the summer vacations, we advise you to carry some lightweight cloths that can help you stay cool. Never forget to carry covers for your arms, legs along with sunscreen and sunglasses.

The temperature in the winter season may drop to 20 degrees at highest elevations; however, it may be observed to be 60 degrees at lower points. In this season, you may need synthetic layers with the quick-drying facility. Those who are planning to move out for camping are advised to carry a good water purification equipment for the safe hiking experience.

Wildlife related dangers:

Pets are not permitted at Big Bend National Park trails; this rule is just to save your furry companions from adverse weather, wildlife, and injuries due to cactus. You may find variety of wildlife during hikes in the area; the list also includes several venomous creatures such as spiders, rattlesnakes, and scorpions. Make sure you keep the campsite clean to avoid sudden attacks of bears.

Backcountry safety issues:

Although cell phones stay in a working condition in the entire area of this park, tourists are advised to stay active about their own safety. It is better to keep updated someone behind about your routes and journeys to avoid the worse case scenarios. In case if you are camping or hiking alone, you may need to fill a form in advance to obtain permit. It may help the rescuers to find you if you do not return in the intended time.

Also, as the park is connected to the border of Mexico, one needs to be careful while exploring the area. Although visiting the river channel is not illegal, but if you land on the other country’s boundary, it may lead to jail time or heavy fines. Make sure you carry your essential documents with you during camping tours.

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