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What classifies as a motorhome?

You are going to someplace to enjoy your vacation and want to purchase a big vehicle such as motorhomes, but you are confused that what type or what class motor home you should purchase. You are at the right place to know the answers to your questions.


The Motorhome is a recreational vehicle(RV). It is like a small home which you can move anywhere where you want to go to. You can live in it it is full of luxuries. Motorhomes are classified in different classes; Class A, Class B, and Class C. every class has its own features. People can select motorhomes according to personal need and want.

Class ‘A’ Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes is one of the largest and biggest RVs in the market. The RV love always thinks about the Class A Motorhomes. The largest square footage offers in the Class A Motorhomes, it is 29 to 45 feet long. Almost 6 to 8 people can easily sleep in it. the price of Class A Motorhomes is started around $95,000. Class A Motorhomes has all the features which are in the small apartment. People often purchase it when they want to go for a long trip and for a long time. Often a middle and large family purchase the Class A Motorhomes. The cost of Class A Motorhomes is also very high because it is not only the purchasing price, there is included maintenance cost, depreciation cost, fuel cost resale and many more. Those people who are not using too which large vehicles and they are afraid of with large vehicle they should not purchase it. in many places there are many RVs parks and campground that you can handle the big RVs.

Class ‘B’ Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes is not as larger as Class A Motorhomes. It is 18 to 24 feet long, and there is 4 people space where 4 people can sleep easily. It cost is about to $60,000. Class B Motorhomes do not need much space and it is not very tough to drive. The other cost like insurance cost, depreciation cost, resale cost, maintenance, fuel cost is also not higher as the Class A motorhomes. Class B Motorhomes is very easy to start with and it is very easy to drive. It has less space and rooms. If you have a large family or friend and want to drive longer and for long time so, Class B Motorhomes is not played the best job for you due to its small space.

Class ‘C’ MotorHomes

Class C MotorHomes give you the bridge and space in between Class A MotorHomes and Class B MotorHomes. Class C MotorHomes is not as small as class B Motorhomes is. The rang of the Class C MotorHomes is 30 to 33 feet long, eight people can easily sleep in it. it is luxury but not as much as class A motorhome is. It is not tough to drive. Class C MotorHomes is best for those small family and friends who want to spend more time in the motorhome and in the less budget.


All the 3 classifications of Motorhomes are best. It depends according to the family, personal need, budget and personal demand of people.

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