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What Is Hammock Made Of?

A hammock is a sling used for resting, sleeping or swinging. It is usually made up of rope, netting or fabric suspended between two points. Normally it consists of one or more cloth panels with ropes stretched between two firm points such as posts or trees. Hammocks were first introduced by inhabitants of Central America and South America, who used it for sleeping. Today these hammocks are very popular around the world. It is often seen as a symbol of relaxation, sleeping, leisure, and summer. People used it on camping trips as lightweight beds and easy living.

All You Need To Know About Hammocks

Many hammocks today produce still resemble the traditional style, but are more functional and comfortable. There are multiple types of the hammocks and the materials there are made up of. Every type of fabric or material provides a different level of strength and comfort. Some need existing supports while others are made to stand alone. It is not a difficult task to find the correct hammock, because each of them is going to give you a great level of comfort. But learning about all the options is a great way to choose the hammock for your trip. Below is the list of different types of hammocks and the materials they are made of.

1. Rope Hammock

Rope hammocks keep you relax and cool and conform to your body keeping you comfortable and safe. Rope hammocks are made up of cotton, soft-spun polyester, and dura cord. Polyester ropes are more weather, mold, and mildew resistant and durable hence lasts longer. Cotton rope hammock is softest type of rope and conforms to your body shape very well. Duracord rope hammock is designed for heavy outdoor use. Its color doesn’t fade away and these kinds of hammocks dry very quickly.

2. Fabric Hammock

Fabric hammocks are the most durable hammocks. They are made up of nylon, polyester, solution-dyed acrylic, textile, and umbrella. All these are durable and all weather-resistant fabric. Nylon hammocks are lightweight, quick-drying and great for camping. Solution-dyed acrylic, Textilene, and sunbrella, these all are premium fabrics, an all-weather material. They are quick-drying and fade and mildew resistant. Sunberlla is as soft as cotton and it has UV inhibitors that keep colors look vibrant.

3. Mayan Hammock

Mayan hammocks are made up of thin nylon or cotton woolen strings. This makes it very flexible. These hammocks do not have spreaders (spreader bars). They are comfortable for sleeping and ideal for hot summers. They are fairly fast drying hammocks and mildew- and mold resistant. Moreover, Mayan hammocks are easy to handle as they are lightweight and easy to pack.

Mayan hammocks are perhaps one of the handiest to the first woven bed depicted initially by the Spanish colonists once they bumped into the natives residing in what is presently South & Central America. They were initially woven for the people to sleep comfortably above the venomous bugs and snakes on the floor. The hammock suspension ropes were even dipped into poison to prevent the insects from creeping to them as they were sleeping.

Mayan hammocks were first woven from the barks of trees as well as other available plant material. Ultimately, that was switched to a sisal thread, which was harvested from the sisal plant, and it provided a suppler and comfier fiber. After some time, this was also switched to cotton, and since then, nylon has become an alternative option to knit from.

Mayan hammocks usually feature bright colors, absence of the spreader, and they come with an option between nylon and cotton. Cotton is typically more flexible and suppler, although it is vulnerable to moisture. This type of Mayan hammock should not be left out in the rain since they tend to have a decaying smell if they do not dry properly.

Mayan hammocks are also made from nylon. This is the ideal selection for people who prefer to place their hammock outside and do not want to worry about the weather. However, it will be less flexible as compared to the one woven from cotton. Nylon is generally stronger than cotton, and it is also preferable during the rainy season. Besides, it washes quite easily.


Either besides the beach, on a lake or in your backyard, hammocks provide a level of relaxation no can match. According to medical research, the rocking motion of the hammocks makes you fell asleep faster as compared to a conventional mattress. Form the old era to today’s modern era hammocks have been the best mode of leisure.

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