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What is the Biggest Geyser in the World?

You must have heard about the geysers and hot springs as the implausible geothermal features of an ecosystem. But do you exactly know, what are geysers? What is the biggest one in the world? Well, if you are bewildering now about these questions, get your answers here.

Geysers are the springs in which water erratically boils and erupts as long columns of water and steam into the air. Geysers are quite rare on Earth, and they require particular hydrogeological conditions to form, hence, you will find these in few places only. But you know the biggest geyser in the world is Steamboat Geyser.




Steamboat Geyser

300 ft



1500 ft


Old Faithful

180 ft



220 ft


Steamboat Geyser

If you consider the active geysers of the world currently, Steamboat Geyser is the tallest one and is located in Yellowstone National Park. This geyser has two apertures; northern orifice is 20 feet apart from the southern one. However, the tallest water columns are the characteristic of the north orifice.


Steamboat’s eruptions are intermittent; sometimes, there are significant eruptions, but most of the outbreaks of steamboat geyser are small. Significant eruptions are recorded to have a time duration of 3 to 40 minutes, and then there are potent jets of steam. The height of significant eruptions is measured to be 300 feet in the air. As I mentioned earlier, Steamboat’s eruptions are sporadic. Hence these are unpredictable. The intervals between the explosions have been recorded from 3 days to fifty years, which shows a considerable variation.

Commonly, these eruptions are small with a height of 40 feet or less. The eruption schedule is irregular and unpredictable, so, most eruptions have not been measured carefully. Measurements of these eruptions have been estimated through witnesses.

Significant eruptions of steamboat are accompanied by steam jets from both vents, while the considerable blasts reach the height of 300 to 400 feet.

Causes of Eruptions

Researchers say that the unpredictability of steamboat’s eruptions is because of the complicated plumbing. If you compare old Faithful’s plumbing system with the steamboat’s pipe, you will come to know that the water in Old Faithful is heated evenly by magma, while, heating of water in Steamboat is uneven. This uneven heating causes hot water to burst randomly. However, these eruptions may have several other reasons.

Larger, Extinct Geysers

In the recorded history, Waimangu Geyser has been the largest with the tallest eruption of about 1500 feet. But, in 1904, it became extinct due to a landslide, leaving the Steamboat Geyser to be the tallest geyser, for the time being, reaching the height of about 300 feet.

However, other geysers existed in history as tall as the steamboat, but they have become inactive due to various reasons.

I have provided you a brief knowledge about some of the greatest geysers of the world and their eruptions. So, you can conclude that, for the time being, Steamboat Geyser is the tallest geyser, not only in Yellowstone but also in the world as a whole.

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