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Why Do Parks Have Size Regulations?

Size regulations are implemented by the government for the protection of these parks. Most of the parks have given their size limitations on their official websites. Before heading out, search that out. There are size limitations on vehicles especially the recreational vehicles RVs. These regulations are meant to protect the environment. As large vehicles are not easy to move around so they may be a threat to the park’s beauty. You might also run into old stone bridges that you simply can’t get through. Parks have trees, rocks, narrow roads which the campgrounds can be built around. So if the size regulations are not taken into consideration, it might be a source of disturbance for the people enjoying there.

Parks are the area of natural land set aside for human recreation and enjoyment or for the protection of natural habitats or wildlife. Urban parks are set inside the towns and cities for recreation while national parks or country parks are green spaces used for enjoyment in the countryside. These parks contain grassy lands, trees, artifacts, and fountains. Many parks contain grounds for baseball, football, and soccer or paved grounds for games such as basketball. Trails are available for biking, jogging or walking. Often parks have picnic tables and barbecue grills also. The largest parks can be vast natural lands and can be thousands of square kilometers with abundant wildlife and recreation facilities. Every park is protected by law and users have to follow the rules and regulations. If parks are meant for human recreation or wildlife protection, then why do parks have size regulation?

Regulation is necessary!

Parks are different from other encampments in a way that they are in areas considered to be of national importance and significance.

Even in some parks there is a size limitation on your back that you can take in the park e.g. Walt Disney World. Bags and coolers, with or without wheels, cannot be larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high. Before going to parks you should check your RVs size, which includes the height and length of your vehicle. If you are going to travel with a trailer at the back, measure that as well. Today every rules and regulations detail are given online for every park. Make use of the official website and get useful information before going to a park. Along with the size regulations check other rules also so that it may benefit you prevent any kind of interruption in your recreation time.

Visiting parks can be a must for everyone. Remember to check the length and height of your RVs before heading out. Consider and obey the regulations as these size rules and regulations bind all the people in community. These regulations protect your general safety and ensure each civilian’s rights. They are meant to maintain peace and order in society. Most of the times people do not have self-awareness to do so, so the regulations become necessary.

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