How to remove RV light covers

When it comes to your RV, there may be several different lighting fixtures and displays on the interior of your vehicle. These lights serve the purpose of increasing your visibility while inside of your RV, they also work in tandem to help your overall electrical system function correctly.


Often times, the interior and exterior lights on your RV will come with some sort of covering apparatus in order to protect them from damage while out in nature or on the road. For whatever reason, some people want the ability to remove these light covers so that they can experience the full brightness of their installed lights.

Removing the light covers from your RV can be done however it all depends on the make and model of your particular vehicle that will determine the most effective method and tools required to get the job done. Typically, your RV light covers will be mounted onto your lighting fixtures using a fastening mechanism that hold it in place via clipping or screws of some sort.


The first thing that you need to do to determine the best approach for removing your light covers is by checking to see if you can identify any potential screw outlets or vulnerable pieces that look like they can be manipulated safely.

Most of the time, your lights covers will be secured using plastic tabs at the back of the main frame which you first have to pop out in order to see. These little tabs can be popped out using either a screwdriver or some sort of pliers which will give you enough leverage to successfully pop the brackets out of place. Once the plastic brackets are out of the way, you need to move on to removing the actual screws holding the lighting frame in place.

This process will open up and expose the frame area being held in place with screws so that you can use a screwdriver to remove the screws and access the lights. This is a very effective method if you need to replace your existing RV lights because they’ve gone out or if you’re simply changing them for aesthetic purposes only. Keep in mind, the best way to start removing the light covers on your RV is by looking at the instruction manual to see if there are any special tools or procedures you need to follow.

If you feel uncomfortable doing the job yourself, always consider hiring a professional mechanic to assist you in removing the light covers safely and successfully. Use all of the tips and information we’ve included in this guide so that you can determine the best approach for you to change your RV light covers without interfering with the safe functionality of your electrical system or worse.

Light covers come in all sorts of sizes and types and there are plenty of replacement options for you to choose from. Always consider the bulb compatibility before installing any new lights into your RV so that you can maintain a safe and well-lit environment all of the time.