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How to take your dog for a walk in bear country safely

You and your dog. There are very few relationships or friendships that are so genuine and loyal than the one with your dog. Your dog will do anything and almost everything to save you, support you. Are you going to bear country USA this summer? You might want to keep your dog with you for the trip. After all, your dog deserves the best, right? But you also want to keep him safe from danger, right? So this article discusses about staying safe walking your dog in bear country USA. So sit tight and try to follow along.

  1. What is the bear country?

For those of you who have no clue about bear country, this point is for you. Is bear country a different country where bears run the government? Is it an island full of bears? No. Bear Country USA is situated right in the United States in the state of South Dakota. It is a wildlife park that you can visit to experience many North American animals, not to mention the bears. Hence the name bear country was given. There are bears, many kinds of bears. So, that is what bear country USA is.


  1. The relationship between dogs and bears

The relationship between dogs and bears are not so friendly as much as you would want it to be. In this case, the bears are often intimidated by the dog. The dogs often infuriate the bears and provoke them to come and chase it. Sometimes the dog might get triggered by the bear. The big furry thing might scare the dog and force him to go after it and eventually get hurt. So the enmity between a dog and a bear is not something you want to take lightly.



  1. What are the dangers of taking your dog to bear country?

There are obvious dangers of taking your dog to bear country. In fact the authority of the park strictly advises to keep an eye on the dog and not to let the dog go on its own. The reason for that is very logical. As stated above, dogs and bears don’t go along well at all.

The bears can get very agitated by the presence of a dog. The dog is no different. Dogs are curious creatures by nature. They might get triggered by the big creature instinctively. So, when the dog sees a bear, it might react very aggressively and try to attack it. But the bear is much stronger and faster than the dog or any human in that matter. The record holder of the fastest man in the world cannot outrun a bear in a race.

So you better not get fooled by the furry and chubby looks of a bear and think that he cannot outrun you. Getting back to the dog, he might make the bear chase him and hurt himself and put himself in danger. You might get endangered as well. There are multiple cases recorded where the dog ran to its owner, and the pursuing bear attacked the owner. So, in case of an incident like this, don’t think for a moment that your dog has the ability to save you. In this case, you will be the one saving your dog’s life.


  1. How to stay safe when taking your dog to bear country for a walk?

So far, we have learned that dogs are not very safe in the bear country. But is it absolutely impossible to take your dog to bear country? No. By taking proper cautions and measures to keep your dog safe, you will be staying safe walking your dog in bear country.

Put your dog on the leash. Keep him in the leash while you are out. You can also train your dog beforehand to prevent something terrible from happening. If your dog is not trained to follow your vocal instructions, leave him at home. If there is an encounter, try to keep calm and try to keep your dog calm during the situation. Avoid any sudden movement as it can provoke the bear to attack. If the bear starts to approach you and your dog, throw any object towards it. He will spend some time investigating it sparing you the time to flee the spot.

Avoid letting your dog wander around at any cost. It can cost the life of your dog and might even yours if attacked by a bear. Always hold the leash and stay on full alert to take control. Don’t let your dog control you. Be in the control of your dog.


  1. The precautions you need to take before going to bear country with your dog.

It is true that you can never be too safe. The precautions you can take are endless. But some of them are very crucial before you, and your furry friend go for a walk in the bear country. Make sure the leash of your dog is intact and strong enough. Put your dog in a proper dog harness to ensure better control.

The dog foods should be in the same safety as your food. Because those can attract a bear too. Train your dog well before going on the trip to deal with his temper and calmness. The dog is a curious creature. Train him not to provoke or infuriate the bears or any other animals for that matter.

Taking a trip to bear country USA can be a great experience. It connects you with nature and other aspects of the natural world practically. But you might also want to take your dog with you. In that case, try to follow the instructions of this article for staying safe walking your dog in bear country. Apart from that, enjoy your quality time with nature along with your beloved dog!

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