45 Cute Bears That You Must See(pics and videos)

cute baby polar bear


cute baby bears

adorable baby bear

Red pandas:


Red pandas are known for their fluffy tails that have eye-catching white and red markings. The name panda was first reserved for these bears; however, later it was assigned to black and white bear as well. Few other names given to these pandas are bearcat, car bear, firefox, fox bear, Himalayan Raccoon.

The red pandas are also associated with raccoons due to many physical similarities such as teeth, head and ringer tail. These bears have the estimated size of common house cats with 20 to 26 inches length from rump to head. Their tails further add 10 to 20 inches to overall length. The weight is usually between 10 to 20 lbs. The red panda bears are also known for their short snouts with round heads and pointed large ears.

The reddish-brown coat looks appealing and it extends to the corners of their mouth. They are known to have bushy tails with white and red rings that help to maintain balance while climbing over the large trees. They can climb to the highest branches of the tree to stay safe from predators.

Red panda bears can be commonly seen in the mountains of central China, Nepal, and the northern portion of Myanmar.

Why are bears so cute?

Bears are one of the most loved animals of this planet. They are loved by many people and many people find them cute. There are stuffed toys that are based on bears and people give them to their loved ones as a sign of affection.

People have affection for the bears, however, what they truly don’t know is the true nature of the bears. Bears are animals that behave as per you treat them and they can be lifesaving and life-threatening animals.

Bears can be cute animals to you, or they can even be the last animal you would wish to meet in your life. Whatever be the reason, let’s first see what a bear is and then see why is it cute.

Bear is a carnivorous animal that belongs to the family of Ursidae. Bears are characterized by their large bodies and stocky legs. They have large snouts and small rounded ears. Apart from that, the bears also have a thick fur coat that makes them look cute.

Symbolization of bears with cuteness

Bears have been symbolized with the cuteness however there is a reason for that. There are multiple reasons why this is said so. The most prominent one is the looks of the bear. Pandas are fat little animals that spend most of their time in the wild eating bamboo. Pandas are too good looking and their fat appearance makes them more popular among the people.

People symbolize the work panda with the cuteness and there are stuffed toys of the panda which people give to other people whom they love. Apart from that, the word panda has been associated with the word cuteness several times. People say other people panda whom they find cute. The other reason for being associated with the word cuteness is the actions of bears. Bears are too cute when they are with their loved ones such as their babies.

Bears are not only cute but dangerous as well.







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Adorable polar bear photos:


cute sleeping polar bear

Polar bears are stocky creatures with a small head, long neck, short tail and short rounded ears. The male polar bears can have a larger size with the estimated weight of 410 to 720kg and it grows up to 1.6 meters. The tails of these bears can be 7 to 12 cm long. Their thick fur allows sunlight to pass through it so that enough heat can be absorbed by the black skin of these bears.

They have loads of insulating fat below the skin layer. The broad feet also have hairy soles that help to insulate and protect them during movement on the ice. The uneven skin on the soles also assists in preventing slipping. Other than this, their sharp claws improve the traction for digging through the ice and can also kill prey.



Panda bears:

Panda bears are known for their cute and catchy appearance. The distinctive black and white colors along with catchy eyes, make them the best-known bear species worldwide. You might have also seen many movies about these amazing bears.

The average height these bears can reach is 6 ft and the estimated weight range can be somewhere between 220 to 250 lbs. The male panda bears can be around 350 lbs. They are commonly found in the bamboo forests of China. Their round faces, with a bulky body, give them a captivating appearance.

They have large round black ears with black eye patches. Their shoulders, legs, tail, and limbs also have a unique contrast of black and white. Their rear paws are pointed inwards with a waddling gait. They can be often observed dustbathing, rolling and somersaulting in the area. Their hands appear more like human hands and they can hold foods with ease.

Although they are not trained to capture prey; their body still retains the taste of meat; they are often seen targeting some campsites to find something to eat.




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Nice looking grizzly bears:

The grizzly bear is a  massively brown, aggressive, hairy predators that are commonly found in North America. When standing, the grizzly bear can measure somewhere around 8 feet with the estimated weight of 800 pounds.

These bears are strong enough to prepare meat out of whatever they find on the way; however, their diet also includes fruits, berries, nuts, and leaves as well. They can also target mice in the forest areas. They prefer to eat a lot before going to hibernation so that they can live longer without eating anything.

There are more than 700 grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park. Hence, officials need to ensure more care that bears and humans can coordinate in the same space. These bears can easily target the bins and storage cans to get some food. Surprisingly, they can even take out the lids of the containers by jumping on the canister with their front paws. Some people say that due to their large size, grizzly bears cannot climb trees, but if they get support from the surrounding branches, they can reach higher with ease. They can also travel vertically.

They are considered omnivorous creatures, but the strange fact is that they have cannibal behavior as well. They are often observed eating black bear carcasses. Experts say that grizzly bear is opportunistic creatures. One report revealed that a 10 years old grizzly bear was once found eating a female brown bear of 6 years old. Although these large creatures can eat up a variety of insects, they are more in love with the moths. They often love to climb trees to capture their most loved flying appetizers.

The estimated length of these bears is 3 to 9 feet, with the estimated weight range of 800 lbs. Their tails can be as long as around 3 to 8 inches. When standing straight with upright legs, they can reach a maximum height of 8 feet. These bears are observed to have dished faces with round and short ears.

Stunning black bears:


Baby black bear videos.


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Assuming that this is not your first-ever camping trip, there is something you need to know about where you end up pitching your tent. Even in a government-operated campground with numerous other campers, you risk the possibility of encountering a bear.

After all, they don’t call it the wilderness to make it sound exotic. There are wild animals in the woods and camping just puts you closer to them. But there are some precautions you can take to give yourself a slight edge.