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How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Camper

We are confident that the idea of tagging along in your RV for the next camping trip sounds quite exciting and convenient for you. Rather than worrying about each of the utilities individually, the camper will furnish you with an opportunity to access all of these necessities at once.

But, a major concern that can arise during such scenarios is that of the deadly snakes which mostly procreates and flourishes in these wild open spaces.

Thereby, if your next camping date is nearing and you are looking for ways to formulate some simple strategies that assert your safety, then, in the following section, we have provided 4 techniques that will keep snakes out of your camper.


  • Park your camper wisely

Like all the wise men would say, “precaution is better than cure”, here too, the first step that you can take towards keeping away snakes from your camper is by parking it at a clean spot for it is less likely for the snakes to visit.

Places that are close to or situated in forests or deserts are more prone to snakes; however, if your camping site inevitably falls in any of these areas, position your camper in a comparatively barren spot so that the chances of a snake to appear from its hole or land from the tree is lessened because snakes only frequent the spots where they can successfully hide and have a chance to camouflage.


  • Choose the weather judiciously

The second factor that should be taken into consideration is the potential weather around your camping days. There is a high chance for the snakes to turn up inside your camper during the summers and monsoons.

If you have read through the general disposition of snakes, you will know that snakes frequent people’s houses or vehicles only when they are looking for a shelter to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. Similarly, when the sun is blazing or the earth is getting drenched with rain, your camper might seem a suitable spot for the snakes to rest in; therefore, to steer away from such probabilities, choose the camping season judiciously.

  • Keep your camper pest-free

Another reason that can invite snakes in your RV is the presence of their food that comes in the form of small animals, forest insects, and rodents. Before getting started on the road, diligently clean the insides of the camper with pest-control techniques to ensure that none of them are carried along during your trip and the insects that breed on the campsite keeps away from the RV. Keeping the interior clean and pest-free will reduce the chances of snakes entering your camper.


  • Close all the doors and windows

Lastly, before leaving the camper in its parking spot or when you have reached your location, carefully close all the doors and windows and double-check the usual gaps. If a crack or hole pre-exists somewhere in the RV, repair it sincerely to make certain that the camper provides no secret room for the snakes to enter it.

Snake Type Venomous Afraid of Humans
Rattler Yes No
Garter No Yes
Black Mamba Yes No
India Cobra Yes No
Viper Yes No
Copperhead Yes No
Coral Yes Yes
Tree Boa No Yes
Bullsnake No No
Rough Green Snake NO Yes
Python No Yes

Use repellants.

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