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Travel-Trailer Camper Buying Guide You Must Read(with videos)

Camper Trailer vs Motorhome

As the name implies, it is a trailer i.e. a bigger vehicle specifically designed for camping trips. More than 50% of people reading this cannot differentiate between a Camper Trailer and a Motorhome. So, before you start shopping and you end up getting what you don’t need, I’ll explain the clear distinction between the two vehicles.

Both are Recreational Vehicles, as explained, Camper Trailer is only equipped with things you might need while camping WHEREAS a Motorhome is an entire home on wheels. Though people sometimes take Motorhomes on camping trips; this is overkill. Another distinction between the two vehicles is the number of people they can accommodate;

Motorhomes have more space and accommodate a larger number of people than Camper Trailers. A Motorhome is ideal when the number of people going for the camping trip exceeds 7, and Camper Trailer is the best when the number of campers is below 7.


Features of a Camper Trailer

Motorized or towable

The first feature to identify a Camper Trailer is that it must have its motor engine to drive it to any location where it is needed. Or it must feature a Bumper Hitch Tow with which it can be connected to another motorized vehicle for mobility.


Being light weighted and compact as much as possible is another basic feature with which you can identify a Camper Trailer. One of the factors that people use to rate Campers Trailer is how easy it is to tow it with a regular car, and this can only get easier when the trailer weighs less.

Single Axle

Camper Trailers can sometimes have a single axle. When it has multiple axles, you can call it a travel trailer or any other name you deem fit for such a vehicle.



The aim of designing Camper Trailers is to provide a portable lodge, so there might not be excessive storage in the available space. Common places where you can find storage on a Camper Trailer is inside the bedroom, in the bathroom, and the largest storage can be found in the kitchen section. For easy accessibility, you may also find small storage outside the Campers Trailer.

Independent power source

You do not know where you are visiting on your next camping trip, it might be somewhere in the forest or on the bank of a river. Not all camping sites can provide you with electric supply, and this is the reason why some Camper Trailers are equipped with an independent source of electricity. The source may be in the form of a rechargeable battery, or in recent designs; solar panel and inverters. The source may power only lightening or other heavy equipment in a single trailer unit.

Bed space

Camping sometimes span multiple days, it can even run into a week or more and you will need somewhere to sleep. Campers Trailers are designed to provide sleeping space for at least one person, and some well-designed varieties can accommodate up to 10 people.

Front Jack

Camper trailers are characterized by rear wheels and a front jack to balance it when detached from a towing vehicle. The jack also functions to level it back when attaching it to a towing vehicle.

Gas leak detector

A gas leak is dangerous and could result in fire outbreak with the slightest spark. LP (Liquefied Petroleum) is the main fuel used in Camper Trailers for cooking purpose, so an LP gas leak detector is designed into the system to prevent fire accidents when the gas leaks.

Smoke detector

In case there is going to be a fire outbreak, manufacturers have integrated smoke detecting systems into Campers Trailers.

CO2 detector

Excess of Carbon IV Oxide is dangerous to human health and if inhaled in excess can result in instant suffocation. This is the reason why Camper Trailers are equipped with a C02 detector.

Safety escape window

In cases of any unforeseen attack or fire outbreak, a safety escape window is provided for easy escape.

In addition to all these features, common amenities you can find in a Camper trailer include:

Toilet and bathroom

Audio/Visual system

Air condition/Superfans

LP gas system/furnace




Pros and cons of Camper Trailers



Motorhomes, Camper Trailers are less expensive in terms of purchasing, maintenance cost, and insurance. The cost-effectiveness is the biggest benefit, as the purchasing cost is paid once and the maintenance cost and insurance are very minimal. Camper Trailers are durable and could last more than 20 years; this implies that you can go with it on camping trips within those 20 years without paying for accommodation. If you can’t afford a brand new Camper Trailer, you can buy a used one. Even renting a small Camper Trailer is still cheaper.

Proximity to campsite

Camper trailers bring you very close to the campsites than any lodge. For example, you can set up a Camper trailer a few meters away from lakes, rivers, on mountain tops, and so on.


Irrespective of where you are going for the camping trip, you can always take your Camper Trailer with you as long as the road to the place is motorable. In off-road camping and isolated sites where there is no accommodation, Camper Trailer is the ideal sheltering option.


With Camper Trailers, you have sleeping space, cooking space, bathroom/toilet, electricity, etc. exactly at your camping site, what else is needed to be more comfortable?


There are some camping trips you will prefer absolute privacy and isolation, only a Camper Trailer at the campsite can guarantee this.

Easy setup

Sometimes, a Camper trailer does not need setting up at all, all that is needed is to transport it down to the camping site, then leveling it up with the front jack. Even when you have to do a little setup, it would be simple things such as unfolding parts, turning switches, etc.


With your camper trailer, you can alter the design and customize it to your taste. You can choose your preferred color, furniture, arrangement, etc.


Most Camper Trailers are designed for easy extensibility to provide more space.


You don’t have enough to buy a Camper Trailer? No problem, there are hundreds of vehicle rental services from which you can rent one at a very affordable price. And if you have your Camper Trailer, you can also generate revenue by renting it out. You can make over $100 per day by allowing others to use it while it is idle.


Extra luggage

Camper trailers are light but they occupy more space than regular travel luggage. Thus they are not suitable for a long-distance camping trip, especially when the trip is cross country as it will attract custom-duty charges. Furthermore, some places in the world have laws against people traveling in smaller RVs like Camper Trailers.

Fewer amenities

Though Camper Trailers will offer the best proximity to camping sites, it does not have the complete amenities a Motorhomes or real lodging accommodation has.

Less accommodative

Most Camper Trailers can only accommodate a maximum of 5 people.

Less insulation

Some designs of Camper Trailers are for comfort, they do not offer the maximum insulation and this can be an issue when camping in a hot region.

Towing difficulties

Towing a Camper Trailer uphill in a hilly environment can be a tedious task especially when the vehicle being used is not a heavy-duty and the trailer is not lightweight.



How much does a Camper Trailer cost on average?

Generally, the price of a brand new RV ranges between USD$6,000 and $200,000. The average price is $30k. The price depends on the brand, the design, and the amenities provided in the trailer. For example; a regular pulled-behind Camper trailer with 2 wheels costs around US$10,000.00, while a five-wheeler of the same variant may cost around US$50,000.00 Extravagant Luxurious designs range from US$80,000 to $200,000.00



The most popular Camper Trailer brands


You have probably come across various Jayco standard trucks while traveling on the highway. Well, Jayco wants to make your outdoor experience amazing too, which is why the auto company venture into RV design. Jayco is one of the first to design eco-friendly RVs; the Jayco “eco-advantage” campaign started in 2008 and since been leading eco-friendly vehicle production.

The main aims of Jayco’s eco-advantage campaign are to cut down the carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and waste generated. Other agendas include designing family-friendly RVs, durability, and so on.

Jayco’s RVs come with climate-shield to provide safety from extreme heat. The vehicles feature a magnesium truss roof system, this roof system can withstand 45,000 pounds. All these agendas will not only save the planet but also protect end-users life and pocket.

Jayco has been a trusted brand for over 50 years and has produced numerous variants of Traveling/Camper trailers. Some of Jayco’s notable RV products are:

JAYCO PRECEPT 34G (2020), will cost around US$120,000.00

JAYCO ALANTE 31V (2020), will cost around US$100,000.00

JAYCO REDHAWK 25R (2020), will cost around US$80,000.00

JAYCO GREYHAWK 30X (2019), costs around US$85,000.00

JAYCO GREYHAWK 29MV (2019) ), costs around US$85,000.00

JAYCO SWIFT CAMPER TRAILER (2019), from US$18,790.00

JAYCO LARK CAMPER TRAILER (2019), from US$19,990.00

JAYCO SWAN CAMPER TRAILER (2019), from US$26,990.00

JAYCO PENGUIN CAMPER TRAILER (2019), from US$23,990.00

JAYCO EAGLE CAMPER TRAILER (2019), from US$24,990.00.

You can visit for all Camper Trailers deals.


Gulf Stream

Golf stream is a family business started in Indiana around 1971. The business originally started as a handcrafted furniture business, it would have been that Golf Stream was making furniture for vehicles when the founder discovered that producing complete RVs is lucrative. By the year 2020, Golf Stream will celebrate 50 years in the business and it has maintained its popularity for so long.

The company has produced over 3,000 RVs of various designs. So you should have come across a Golf stream Camper Trailer in many RV dealership store. The company’s most prominent design is the Ameri-Lite that has 19 different floorplans, it is lightweight and classy. One other thing that makes Golf stream Camper Trailers popular is the price, this brand is usually cheaper than other brands of the same specs. Other Golf Stream Camper Trailers include;

VINTAGE CRUISER; 11 floorplans

NVISION; 9 floorplans

VISTA CRUISER; 11 floorplans

CABIN CRUISER; 4 floorplans

GEO; 14 floorplans

CAPRI; 7 floorplans

GULF BREEZE; 13 floorplans

STREAMLITE; 13 floorplans

INNSBRUCK LITE; 19 floorplans

CONQUEST LITE; 19 floorplans

Visit to see all other small camper trailers and observe their 2d floorplans.



KZ-RV is one of the multiple RV companies owned by Thor, the brand KZ-RV is not just an ordinary brand, it is a pioneer and long-trusted brand for providing durable and comfortable living space for travelers and campers. KZ-RV boasts of their camper trailers as not just suitable for camping but can be converted into a full living space if need be. Apparently, with multiple slide-outs, KZ-RV designs provide more space than similar products of the same specs and price range. KZ-RV camper trailers also feature diverse layout including restrooms, dining area, kitchen, sleeping space, lounging area, etc. All beds that come with any KZ-RV camper trailers are queen-sized.

The interior and exterior designs have a classic finishing touch, and the insulation can guarantee the best protection against extreme weather. Lastly, the towing mechanism of KZ-RV products is one of the simplest available on the market; you do not need any special or heavy-duty trucks to tow them. With just a regular car, you can tow them to anywhere. Below are some of the popular KZ-RV lightweight Campers Trailer:

CONNECT SE; ultra-lightweight

CONNECT; lightweight

ESCAPE; ultra-lightweight

SPORTSMEN CLASSIC SE; ultra-lightweight

SPORTSMEN CLASSIC; ultra-lightweight

SPORTSMEN SE; value-packed

SPORTSMEN LE; value-packed

SPORTSMEN; destination trailers

SPORTSTER; toy haulers

Visit to explore all KZ-RV camper trailers and their specs.


Grand Design

Speaking of a brand that prioritizes customer relationships over any other thing, Grand Design runs a “doing the right thing” business model, and the company is serious about executing this model. This brand is one the brand on the list that customizes designs for customers; you can request a custom layout, color, materials, and so on. Grand Design aims to offer 100% customer satisfaction and this stems from the desire to have a long term relationship with the customers. The brand also believes in the recommendation as one of the most effective sales boosters, this is the reason why they want to impress you with every product ordered from the brand.

Each and every order delivery goes through PDI (Pre-Deliver Inspection), the function of PDI is to professionally inspect the trailer and gives an honest performance report. In addition to all of these, each brand new Grand Design Camper Trailers comes with a 3-year warranty. Should anything happen to it, you can take it back to the factory for free repair or replacement. Grand Design is very transparent on customers’ complaints; the brand posts all customers’ complaints on the website for everyone to see. And takes the blame whenever necessary, then put every effort to meet customers demand.

Below are variants of Grand Design Camper Trailers available:






StarCraft RV

While KZ-RV product is known for space and Grand Design is known for customer satisfaction, StarCraft RV is known for convenience and comfort. The brand’s designs can provide sleeping space for up to 10 adults within the available space. This implies that each Camper Trailer can accommodate more people than a trailer of similar size from another manufacturer.

Durability is one of StarCraft’s signature, each trailer features a TuffShell vacuum-bonded lamination which protects the body of the trailer from rusts and scratches. This feature combined with the aluminum frame, fiberglass sidewalls, and metal backers provide the best Camper Trailer structure on the RV market. The roofing system is made of Magnum Roofing; this type of roofing is the most durable in the RV industry, it is 50% stronger than others. StarCraft’s product will withstand even the most extreme weather and gives you maximum protection.

Environmentally-friendly is part of StarCraft’s portfolio, the brand recycles most of the materials used in the production, thus making effort to use fewer natural resources as possible. All StarCraft products also come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 3-year structural warranty. Thor owns StarCraft RV, so you should expect the best models, trends and styles; and the most competitive price on the RV market.

Below are some of StarCraft RV’s small camper trailers:

2020 AUTUM RIDGE – SINGLE AXLE; up to 6 people

2020 AUTUM RIDGE; up to 10 people

2020 MOSSY OAK – SINGLE AXLE; up to 6 people

2020 MOSSY OAK; up to 10 people

2020 SUPER LITE; up to 10 people

2020 MOSSY OAK UTRA LITE; up to 10 people

2019 MOSSY OAK LITE; up to 10 people.

2019 GPS; up to 10 people

2019 LAUNCH OUTFITTER; up to 10 people.

Check out the full specs and price of the above camper trailers at


Forest River Inc.

Speaking of multinational RV manufacturing companies, Forest River should be on top of the list. The brand was founded by Peter Liegel in 1996, and it has established branches in many countries over the years. Forest River does not go into manufacturing for profit, the brand aims to create moments of joy and laughter. Forest River runs a customer-focused business model that puts customers first. The brand promise to meet all kinds of needs regarding Camper Trailers and other kind of RVs. 5 RV products from Forest River Inc. have won awards in their categories, 2 of them won the awards multiple times.

Forest River Inc. offers 36 models of Camper trailers with multiple floor plan options, a customer can still go further to request for a customized design. Also, Forest Reserve Inc. is the best place to start looking for low budget Camper Trailers with the best value.

Below are some of Forest Reserves products:









Visit  to explore all available camping trailers.




This company is popular for its peculiar shiny and silvery design, so anytime you see a silver-colored Camper Trailer, the probability that it is designed by Airstream is high. Airstream has a good and long-standing reputation in the RV industry, though their products are quite expensive, but at the end of the day, the value will worth your money.

Wally Byam originally founded the company in the 1920s, as at that time all Airstream does was to create mobile tents that can be mounted on vehicles. This was the starting point of the great company that we see today.

Airstream is a great place to start when looking for a classic or luxurious camper trailer. The new designs are modern and attractive while the older ones are even more charming. Surprisingly, the older ones which are classified as vintage collection are more expensive, and only those who know the worth goes for it. The minimum price for any Airstream RV starts from US$35,000.00 and it can go as high US190,000.00.

With Airstream, you have the option of choosing from 9 different designs for travel/camping trailers. Each of these designs is highly customizable; custom floorplans, preferred material type, and so on. While looking for a suitable trailer on the Airstream website, you can employ the interactive tool to find the best trailer for you. The tool is handy especially when you are not sure of what you are looking for. Below are some of Airstreams products you can review and choose from:

CLASSIC; accommodates up to 6 people. Price starts at US$153,400.00

GLOBETROTTER; accommodates up to 6 people. Price starts at US$93,900.00

INTERNATIONAL SERENITY; accommodates up to 6 people. Price starts at US$88,900.00

FLYING CLOUD; accommodates up to 8 people. Price starts at US$76,000.00

CARAVEL; accommodates up to 4 people. Price starts at US$59,00.00

BAMBI; accommodates up to 4 people. Price starts at US$47,900.00

NEST BY AIRSTREAM; accommodates only 2 people. Price starts at US$43,900.00

BASECAMP; accommodates only 2 people. Price starts at US$37,400.00

Visit to see the full specs for each product listed above.


This brand is a superstar in the RV industry, it produces more than 30% of the total camper trailers or travel trailers you find on the road today. Coachmen was founded in 1964 and since then it has been a trusted brand for producing durable and affordable RVs. Like some other RV producing brands, Coachmen also focus on customers satisfaction, there are 12 designs to choose from, these designs have different floorplans and you can also request for customized floor plan if need be. Some of the Coachmen models have won awards for their efficiency, comfort and attractive design. Similar to the Airstream website, coachmen also makes it easier to find the best RVs they have in stock. You can sort with weight, kind of beds, length, and so on. Visit to get started.


Heartland RV

If you are really enthusiastic about RVs, then you must have heard of or come across Heartland RVs before. This is a brand that has made its name known in the RV industry. With the customer-focused design, the company has produced excellent RVs that are spacious and provide a luxurious feel.

Heartland RV has various models but 9 major models are more popular, one of them is the Sundance model. Some of these models are designed to be environmentally friendly and this helps a lot in saving the earth’s resources. Though the brand gets lots of complaints about their products, they usually fix things quickly, this is the reason why many customers still stick with their products. Some of the Heartland noticeable RVs are listed below:

North Trail





Trail Runner


Kindly visit to see the specs for each product listed above.



Tthe Dutchmen brand is what you can describe as the no-compromise brand when it comes to RV productions; almost every RV designs released by this brand is impressive in terms of price and specs. Take the Dutchmen Aerolite series for example; there are 16 distinct floorplans to choose from, and the price ranges from US$5,900.00 to US$8,740.00. Is that not impressive indeed?

Finding your desired camper trailer is easier with the “MATCH ME WITH THE PERFECT RV’ tool on the Dutchmen website. You will simply answer a few questions such as the number of people that will sleep in the RV, type of towing vehicle you have, the amenities you prefer, and so on. Then the tool will generate a list of suitable RVs based on your answers.

are some of the popular camper trailers designed by the Dutchmen brand:

Aerolite; 9 floorplans

Astoria Travel Trailer; 5 floorplans

Astoria; 10 floorplans

Aspen Trail; 34 floorplans

Aspen Trail LE; 6 floorplans

Atlas; 15 floorplans

Coleman light LX; 11 floorplans

Coleman lantern LT; 15 floorplans

Coleman light; 13 floorplans

Coleman lantern; 20 floorplans

Visit to explore all Dutchmen available brands.



7 Cheapest small camping trailers below US$10,000

Going on camping trips with a camper trailer is fun, but should not result in huge debts after the trips. Though campers can rent or by used camper trailers, however, there are extremely cheap brand new trailers on the market. And the cheapest of them are reviewed below:



#1 Jayco Jay Flight SLX

It is quite surprising to find this particular camper trailer at a price of less than US$10,000. The Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer is one of the best-reviewed RVs on the market, it usually earns an average of 4 out of 5 ratings from reviewers who have or still using the product. This particular trailer is ideal when looking for a small but efficient camping trailer.

The trailer features 17 different floorplans and can accommodate between 3 to 9 people. It weighs between 2050lbs and 2300lbs. Physical length is between 14ft to 36ft. Some other noticeable features in Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer are:

wall mounted air conditioner

integrated A-frame

maple cabinet doors

diamond plate sidewall skirt

pleated window shades

Visit or to learn more about this camper trailer.



#2 Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

Barely a few dollars to US$10,000, the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro is a great value for its worth. It is suitable for campers looking for the most lightweight options because it weighs less than 2000lbs when not occupied. Thus it will be easy to tow to anywhere and with most any type of vehicle like a sedan or suv. The Camper Trailer can accommodate up to 4 people and has 7 different floor plans. It weighs between 1130lbs and 2000lbs; it is between 11ft to 21ft long. The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro, though small utilizes space well. Below are some of the notable features:

vacuum laminated walls and roof

tinted bonded frameless windows

ground and roof solar prewire

20,000 BTU furnace

manual awning

external sound speakers

Visit to explore all Flagstaff E-Pro series.



#3 Riverside Retro

For the fans of retro designs, this the perfect travel trailer for you. The Riverside Retro Camper Trailer possesses the sporty look and also comes with all amenities a modern RV should have. There are 18 different floor plans to choose from, and each design varies in weight and length. Riverside Retro costs between US$9,500 and US$10,500.

This particular Camper Trailer can accommodate 2 to 6 people, weighs 2000lbs when not occupied and has a length of 13ft to 32ft. The trailer comes with 18 different floorplans to choose from, other notable features include:

Cabinets with hardwood doors

Radius windows and doors

Aluminum cage construction

Powder-coated chassis

Visit to explore the Riverside Retro camper trailer series and find the dealer nearest to you.



#4 Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK

This is another cheaper Camper Trailer from the stable of Forest River Inc. It is the only trailer that costs below US$10,000 in the Geo Pro series; others in the series are not far above US$10,000.00 too. The trailer comes with 7 different floor plans and can accommodate bet 2 to 4 people. It weighs less than 1500lbs when not occupied and is 11ft to 21ft long.

Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK costs US$9,000 and these are some of its notable features:

Wi-fi ranger

aluminum cage construction

Roof mount solar prep

Tinted bonded frameless windows

20,000 BTU furnace

Visit to learn more about this particular camper trailer.



#5 Dutchmen Aspen Trail

With 36 floorplans and a price less than US$10,000, Dutchmen Aspen Trail 1700BH travel trailer is one of the top-selling Camper Trailers in 2019. Other trailers in the same series cost a bit more. The trailer features a queen-sized bed which can take 5 people at a time and an extra bunk bed that can also cater for 3 more people. In the description of the trailer, it can accommodate 3 to 10 people at a time.

Aspen Trail 1700BH is not as lightweight as the first 4 trailers reviewed above, its unoccupied weight is around 3100lbs, so you might need a middle-range or heavy-duty towing truck to tow it. It is 21ft to 31ft long. Notable features of the trailer include:

Hardwood cabinet doors

Radius overhead cabinets

safety glass windows

High auto-ignition output furnace

Visit to learn more about Aspen Trail 1700BH and other trailers in the Aspen Trail series.



#6 American Dream Trailer

Not only Americans love this ultra-lightweight Camper Trailer, but also European, Australian and all other people who love camping and adventure. The trailer weighs just 650lbs, even a motorcycle can tow it up a mountain. The trailer was designed with simplicity, and even though the design is simple it is well equipped with everything needed on a camping trip. The design is stylish and very appealing to the eye, people who camp near water bodies love it more because it comes with a detachable both for water sports. Features of the American Dream Trailer include:

Retro design

Ultra-lightweight and compact

checkerboard floor

pop-out windows

rear-mounted storage and cooking galley

Visit to learn more.



#7 BCT Moab Gobi

MOAB” is an acronym for “the Mother of All Adventure Bivouacs”. And truly, the nickname perfectly describes how great the BCT Moab Gobi is on camping trips. The towable trailer is luxurious, spacious and packed full of equipment for an amazing camping experience.

The trailer features an exterior kitchen which is very similar to standard kitchen found in homes, with this type of kitchen you can cook any meal in your campsite. Another feature is the off-road tires that will make towing easier on rugged landforms. The trailer has 2 floorplans, weighs 1890lbs and is 13.8ft long. It can accommodate 2-3 people and goes for an average price of US$8,000. Some of the features of BCT Moab Gobi include:

24-gallon freshwater tank

An outdoor shower

Complete electrical system with charger and inverter

2-burner cooktop

propane water heater

Visit to learn more about this particular camper trailer.


Other small camper trailers above US$10,000

Teardrop trailer by Timberleaf; costs a minimum of US$19,750

The Cricket by Taxa Outdoors; costs a minimum of US$30,000

HC1 by Happier Camper; costs a minimum of US$18,750

Aluminum Teardrop Trailer by High Camp Trailers; costs a minimum of US$16,250

Timberline by Homegrown Trailers; costs a minimum of US$39,995


Anywhere in the world, camping is always an excellent experience. Camping is a time to make sweet memories in the outdoor space, it is a time to explore; it is an adventure on its own. One of the factors that contribute to a great camping experience is having good accommodation or lodge that caters to everything a camper needs.

The traditional way of lodging into nearby lodges/hotels/motels is good but is most times expensive, and the proximity to the camping site may not be as short as needed. Camping with a tent is great as well, but not very suitable in extreme weather conditions.

Also, tents can only accommodate as few people and camping equipment as possible. On the other hand, Camper Trailers combine both the benefits you can derive from lodging and camping in a tent, this is the reason why you should go on your next camping trip with a small Camper Trailer.

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  1. I love the idea of going camping with a trailer because it has its own independent electrical source that you can use so that you’re not completely cut off from modern amenities. I love to go camping but I know my wife and kids won’t be able to survive a weekend trip without their technology. I think by having a camping trailer we’d be able to find a mixture of both worlds and enjoy camping as a family.