9 Useful Tips From Experienced Archery Practitioners

If you are seeking a different kind of adventure where you get to keep your feet on the ground and shoot at things without the need for gunpowder, archery could be your cure. It has a ton of history and is also an Olympic sport.

What couldn’t be cooler than competing for a medal by firing little sticks at a target without having to throw them? Here’s a look at what makes archery so much fun.


1 – It’s Been Around Longer Than The Hunger Games

Sure, archery tends to be the default method of hunting for food in such forums as ‘reality’ TV and several slick, over-produced video games. It has nothing to do with product placement and likely far more to do with the ongoing national outcry about the harm that can come from guns.

You never hear about the disgruntled ex-employee bursting into a local McDonald’s and taking hostages with a bow and arrow. That’s because no one would take the assailant seriously.

However, archery is old-school and as effective as firearms minus the registration hurdles. Don’t let television or the arcade make it out to be more than it is. Archery is sport and accurate.


2 – Somebody Get Guinness On The Phone

Back in the olden days, which would actually be somewhere in the Middle Ages (we’re not talking about your Uncle Tom going through a midlife crisis here, either), a skilled long-bowman was the Energizer Bunny of his day.

A truly skilled master of the bow could fire um, release somewhere between 10 and 12 arrows in the span of 60-seconds. That equates to one arrow every 5 or 6 seconds. It took far longer than 60-seconds to explain that point to you.

In other words, if you were good at this ‘sport’ back then, you typically got to the head of the line during battle. The downside was when cannons were invented, and hot oil dumped from fortress walls.

3 – Sooner Or Later This Was Going To Happen

The Kingdom of Bhutan has declared archery as their national sport. We’re not sure, but we suspect that most of the hunting and poaching activity in that tiny country probably involves a few arrows here and there.

The point we are trying to make here is that in some places on Earth the more prepared you are for the unexpected, the better off you are. For example, if your airline won’t let you pack your crossbow as carry-on, you could always argue that you are off to a sporting event somewhere like the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Even if you have to fake a destination, you’ll earn respect from all on board when you use words like quiver and shaft feathers.


Year Number of Archers in the US
2006 7M
2007 6M
2008 6M
2009 6M
2010 6M
2011 7M
2012 8M
2013 8M
2014 8M
2015 8M
2016 8M
2017 8M



4 – The Terms Associated With Archer Are Fun To Say And Some Sound Naughty


Okay, we’ve already dropped a couple of hints your way (quiver and shaft feathers), but there is no getting away from the fact that some of the terms used in archery are far too fun to say.

Sure, they serve a grander purpose in the sport, but fitting some into your normal conversation can be equally challenging and silly fun. That is especially true if you are referencing wand shooting, index fletching, a fistmele or merely looking for head.

No one said it wasn’t going to be dull, this bow and arrow game called archery. However, if you ever find the need to speak in code and your draw partner doesn’t speak Morse, you could fake your way through with these terms.


5 – It’s Far Less Romantic Than Robin Hood Made It Out To Be

There are other reasons why Robin Hood had a gang of merry men. It wasn’t always because of the grog, either. With this in mind, in Robin’s day, the skill of archery often meant the difference between you eating well for the next few hours or not. It also had a lot to do with your actual life expectancy.

Hey, just like there are common hunting accidents with firearms when someone gets a little twitchy in the present, there were a lot more twitchy people wandering the woods with weapons that could do as much harm and looked harmless.

We’re looking at you, the early developments of archery. Which, by the way, is where the term hair trigger came from.


6 – Be Thankful You Don’t Live In Great Britain

Yup, you read that correctly. The Brits take archery quite serious. So much so that at various times in that country’s history monarchs would place bans on other sporting activities.

For example, football, bowling, and golf tended to be the targets – pun intended – of these bans. Any idea what the purpose of these bans was? If you said it was to curb gambling, you would be wrong. If you said, it was to eliminate male-bonding opportunities you’d be wrong again.

Apparently, men had a lot of spare time when they weren’t out fending for themselves, and instead of practicing archery, some would play football for fun. Royalty did not agree.


7 – And You Thought Evening Curfews Were Archaic

There was a time, not that long ago when everyone had to be home and indoors at a certain time each night. It was the law, and it sucked. But it forced families to spend time together long before IMs and Messenger programs were invented for the same basic reason.

Well, it was back in the day of King Henry VIII (you and I know him as Henry The Eighth). It was during his time on the throne (not that one) when it was also the law that each and every male in his kingdom had to put in so much time after church on Sundays with their bows and arrows to improve their archery skills.

This contributed to the breakdown of the family unit around the dinner table.


8 – Arrow Catch For Some Reason Never Really Caught On

Long before the Frisbee, one form of youth entertainment was with bows, arrows, and gloves. Children would select a ‘shooter’ from their group, put a blindfold on that person and the rest of them would form a line about 20-feet away.

Each of these players was designated ‘catchers,’ and all wore gloves similar to those worn in contemporary times by football wide receivers. One designated ‘catcher’ would count down to 1 from 5 and the ‘shooter’ would use that person’s voice to help select their target.

You can pretty much guess the rest and imagine why the sport never really caught on outside of prison walls. Nor has it been the topic of a movie.


9 – Cartoon Physics Don’t Help Matters Any

The best thing about archery is that if you get good at it, you’ll get attention. Not so much with the babes, but you will likely get invited on safaris and hunting expeditions to show off your skills.

If you think that what you see in the cartoons about archery is even remotely accurate, you are most definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said, you may also be able to teach others that an arrow can slice through an apple and doesn’t have to be sitting atop someone’s head to prove that.

Archery is not a cheap game nor is it something for someone who cannot respect the power in which an arrow can possess. Those buggers can sting.

The Bottom Line

If you are seeking a sport that is more exciting than Bocce but far less complicated than hang gliding, archery could be the right fit for you.

With proper instruction, respect for the skills and if you can refrain from laughing at some of the terms like upshot, wood, and shaft, you may be on your way to an Olympic career or a really interesting time in the wilderness with hunters paying you obscene amounts of money to see you nail some unsuspecting wildlife.

Hey, someone’s gotta eat, and the fittest ones in the jungle are usually the ones at the top of the food chain. You don’t even have to be adventurous to find something you like about archery.

If you are one of those meticulous types that are really into details and perfection, archery could help you to enhance that quirky trait. At the very least, you may end up better at darts than the rest of your drinking buddies, and that’s got to account for something.

Archery is not just about poking holes in things with sharp points. Nor is it focused on becoming a weapon for use instead of hand to hand combat. Archery is beautiful, artistic and expensive.

But it is well worth the time and effort if your goal is to take up a sport that hones a skill you didn’t know you had and would like to explore further. Archery can help you hit your targets at all time.


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