What is the Shelf Life of Peanut Butter?

A jar of unopened peanut butter is good for 2 years. Once opened it is good for 4 months. You can extend those times by refrigeration. Powdered peanut butter lasts 10 years.

If it smells, looks, or taste bad then do not consume. The color and texture will change over time. The use by date on jar is a guideline. Note that some brands add sodium benzoate as a preservative.

Peanut butter is a food paste made out of the ground and roasted peanuts. Some manufacturers include additional ingredients that can modify the taste and texture. Some of the additives you will find in the peanut butter include salt, emulsifiers, and sweeteners.

Peanuts are good for 6 months.


Health benefits

1. Antioxidant Properties

Peanut butter is rich in niacin, folate, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, thiamin, and riboflavin. The presence of polyphenol antioxidant makes the food very helpful in controlling chronic illnesses. Free radicals in the body cause some illnesses. When you increase your peanut butter intake, you are at high chances of avoiding the side effects that the free radicals in your body can cause.

2. High in Potassium

Pea nut is rich in potassium. It plays a significant role in supporting electrolyte and fluid balancing in the body. It is healthy, unlike sodium that puts pressure on the cardiovascular system. Enough potassium in your body will not expose you to too much pressure on your heart. It is a heart-friendly ingredient you need in your body to enjoy good health. People looking forward to enjoying good health prefer the ingredient. It is carefully formulated to help you enjoy good health.

3. Rich in Dietary Fiber

Peanut butter is known to be rich in dietary fiber. If you would like to enjoy good health, then you need to keep your weight in check. Eating enough dietary fiber will make you feel full for longer and make you want good health. If you are looking to enjoy good health in general, you need to keep your weight levels in check. You will easily control your weight if you can decide to keep your levels of dietary fiber high. Dietary fiber is also helpful in controlling constipation and cholesterol.

4. Rich Source of Protein

Proteins are helpful in the repair process of the body. The proteins we eat are broken down into the body into amino acids that are then applied to keep the body cell in good condition. When you develop a habit of eating enough proteins, you will achieve the right amount of cell rejuvenation that will play a great role in making you enjoy good health. You can always count on the high amounts of protein in peanut butter to enjoy good health in general.


5. High in calorie – making a good energy store.