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Is 14c28n Steel Good for Knives?

14c28n is a good steel for a knife with hrc of 60. It was developed by Sandvik group which is a Swedish company and is widely known for creating top-notch metal products. The main idea behind this invention was to retail the potential properties of 13c26 steel while improving its corrosion resistance by a considerable level.

Composition of 14c28n steel:

14c28n steel is known to have a higher percentage of Carbon and Chromium. The main goal behind this unique mixture is to avoid the impact of corrosion and rust on the ultimate products. The detailed information on the composition of 14c28n steel is given below:

  • Chromium is present in a 14% proportion that improves wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strength, and edge retention of the material.

  • Carbon content is 0.62% and it helps to make knives resistant and harder. Note that higher carbon content can lead to counteraction; 0.62% is considered as the right amount for most of the requirements.

  • Manganese with a 0.6% range enhances the hardness and brittleness of the material.

  • Silicon material with a 0.2% amount improves the strength of the steel material.

  • Nitrogen is added with 0.11% proportion and it is good for retaining the edge and strength of the material.

  • Phosphorus content is 0.025% and the same as silicon and nitrogen, it is good for improving strength.

  • Sulfur content is 0.01% and it can enhance the machinability level of the steel.


There are so many amazing properties that you can find in 14c28n steel material and the products manufactured using this material. A few of them are listed below:

  • Corrosion resistance

This is the most important feature of 14c28n steel material. The higher chromium content makes it a reliable choice for corrosion-related tasks like cooking.

  • Wear resistance

Adequate quantity of manganese and carbon materials can make the knife wear resistance and this property can be observed in 14c28n steel as well.

  • Edge retention:

14c28n steel material is known to have higher edge resistance that makes 14c28n steel knives capable enough to handle constant wear and tear.

  • Toughness:

Toughness can be considered as a weakness of 14c28n steel. In order to achieve higher hardness and corrosion resistance at a lower price, manufacturers often compromise with the toughness levels.

  • Sharpness:

14c28n steel can retain sharpness for the long run; therefore, it is recommended for kitchen knives.