What is 9cr18MoV Steel?

9cr18MoV Steel is high-end stainless steel that has high chromium content with mid-high carbon. It is corrosion resistance and used to make tools including cutlery, surgical blades, and steel knives. It has hardness of 60 HRC.

Example of products using:

  • Gyuto Chef’s Knife

  • Sencut Scepter Flipper Pocket Knife

  • Steinbrucke EDC Knife Folding Pocket

  • CIVIVI Praxis Flipper Pocket Knife

  • CIVIVI Mastodon Flipper Pocket Knife

  • FAMCÜTE 6.5 inch Butcher Knife

  • DALSTRONG Santoku Knife

  • USA Knifemaker Hunting Knife Blade Blank

  • Eafengrow EF6 Tactical Pocket Knives 5.2 inch Closed Knife


The composition of these knives can be described in terms of these essential elements:

  • Carbon is added in a 0.95% proportion that helps to improve its corrosion resistance and hardness; however, higher ranges can decay the strength of the material.

  • Chromium is available in an 18% proportion that leads to enhanced edge retention and tensile strength along with improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Molybdenum is available in a 1.3% proportion that leads to enhanced strength and machinability.

  • 0.04% phosphorus can lead to increased strength.

  • Sulfur with 0.03% can enhance machinability.

  • 0.12% content of Vanadium is good to improve the hardenability and wear resistance of the knives.

  • Nitrogen content is available at 0.60% and it also improves edge retention and strength.

  • Manganese is added with a 0.80% proportion that enhances the brittleness and hardness of the material.

  • Silicon with a 0.80% proportion improves strength.

The high molybdenum, carbon, and chromium content lead to higher hardness and better corrosion resistance for 9cr18MoV Steel.

9cr18MoV Steel can achieve a maximum hardness level of 60 HRC that further ensures great edge retention. Therefore, there is no need to sharpen 9cr18MoV Steel knives time and again. The closest steel material to 9cr18MoV Steel can be 440C Steel. They are known to have a close chemical composition with enhanced corrosion resistance and great edge retention.

It is important to mention that 9cr18MoV Steel is generally good for knives; especially due to its higher edge retention ability and corrosion resistance. Many people also recommend using these knives for camping and hunting needs as well.

When you are interested to find some affordable and easy-to-use kitchen knives, 9cr18MoV Steel knives can be a great choice. These knives can serve your routine needs with ease while maintaining great corrosion resistance.

They are available in the mid and low price range with the ability to resist all kinds of stress. They provide enhanced toughness with the ability to resist shock with enhanced impact loading.

They can also work as hunter knives while preventing oxidative stress due to the presence of molybdenum, nickel, and chromium material. 9cr18MoV Steel is a cheap alternative for routine needs.

Carbon Steel used for Knife making:
ATS 34

Stainless steels used for knives: