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How Many Lumens is the Sun?

The Sun has 6840000000000000000000000000 lumens. The Earth gets hit with 133200 lumens per square meter from the Sun since most light goes to outer space.

This unit is further used To determine the lighting power of many other devices such as flashlights, headlamps, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, grow lamps, LED lights, fluorescent, incandescent, and many other artificial lights used in day to day life.

All of us have gained huge experience over the years with the sunlight, and there are several observations on how its light varies in different conditions. However, it may appear very confusing for a common man to relate several observations to real calculations.

How many lumens does the sun generate?

In order to answer this question, first of all, we need to understand how much visible light does the sun produces because lumen is a quantity used to measure visible light. Observations state that the sun produces electromagnetic energy with a broad spectrum including cosmic rays, x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, microwaves, radio waves, and visible rays. However, the quantitative measure in terms of the lumen is mainly used for measuring the narrow visible band of light.

Considering the data derived from space shuttle missions, ground-based solar telescopes, sounding rockets, satellites, computer models, and high altitude aircraft, engineers and scientists around the world have standardized the value of the earth’s average spectral radiance. Studies reveal that this quantity can be identified as solar constant and the value is estimated to be 1366.1 watts every square meter.

In simple terms, this represents how bright is the sun with reference to the distance from the earth’s orbit. However, these calculations are for the entire electromagnetic energy spectrum of the sun. In order to describe lumens, we are mainly concerned about the visible spectrum only. There, it is important to adjust the calculations for the light to which the human eye is truly sensitive.

Sun is known to have a black body temperature of 5778K. In this case, the visible light of 93 lumens is generated for every watt this star puts out. Therefore, for each square meter of the earth’s orbit, the sun produces 127,000 lumens which is very bright.

Ouch. This is the main reason why our eyes hurt when we try to stare at the sun.

It is important to mention that the sun is at a great distance from earth. Therefore, not all the bright light released from the sun reaches the surface of the earth. Reports reveal that only 16.24 quintillion lumens of light can reach the surface of the earth.

In actuality, you may never think of buying some artificial lights with such a huge brightness level as they can pose huge harm to your vision. It is better to make a detailed analysis of the lumen rating of the headlamps or flashlights while making investments so that you can choose something that fits your requirements in the best possible manner.

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