Are Titanium Coated Knives Any Good?

The zero-tolerance titanium knives offer great performance while retaining quality for the long run. But at the same time, the titanium material is known for higher brittleness levels as compared to other steels in the market.

People who spend more time in the water generally need to clean their knife blades more often. This is the main reason why Titanium Coated Knives are recommended for hunters, anglers, and divers due to their higher corrosion resistance.

Properties of titanium

Titanium material is generally as strong as steel; however, it is less dense. This is the main reason why manufacturers need to add some alloys to create knives with titanium. If used as a handle, it can ensure lighter weight with a stronger finish. Also, titanium material does not possess magnetic properties; therefore, it cannot conduct electricity.

Atomic weight is 47.867 with high melting point of more than 1,650 °C .

At the same time, this material cannot withstand higher temperatures same as most steel materials. The titanium material is rated high for its excellent corrosion resistance; however, it seems difficult to maintain an edge on the blade.

The titanium-coated knives usually have high carbon stainless steel in the inner layers; still, it is impossible to break these knives. But when you have to sharpen these knives, it is important to re-ground fresh 100% titanium instead of just re-honing the cutting edge like other stainless-steel knives.


Gerber Evo Knife

Tuo Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Cleaver Knife

KNIFAST Kitchen Knife set

SiliSlick Kitchen Knife Set

Lenox coated blades

Snake Eye Tactical

Advantages of Titanium Coated Knives:

  • This metal is known for its light and indestructible finish. If the blade is designed with thick titanium coating with proper sharpening, it can sustain for weeks or even months before requiring resharpening.

  • These knives show high resistance to corrosion and can be used even with careless routines. You can put it in a bag and bring it out after several weeks without finding any sign of rust or corrosion.

  • Titanium Coated Knives are able to sustain extreme cold and heat; therefore, they are a great solution for your kitchen needs.

  • These knives are not magnetic and they cannot be damaged by saltwater.

Disadvantage of Titanium Coated Knives:

  • These knives are difficult to sharpen for common users because the wrong technique can ruin the edge completely. It is better to hire professionals to handle the sharpening needs of these knives.

  • The blades are very light in weight; therefore, you may not be able to handle some hard-to-cut objects using these knives.

  • Although titanium material is rated high for its toughness and strength; many people find it difficult to work with these knives.

  • Moreover, fully titanium knives are very expensive as well.


Navy professionals are known to use titanium knives to meet their routine needs. They are rated high because they require minimal care as compared to other stainless steel knives.

Carbon Steel used for Knife making:
ATS 34

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