What Kind of Wild Berries are in Alaska? (View the List with Pics)

If you have not spent much time in Alaska, you may not be aware of the several unique forms of berries available in this area. Such as Salmonberries, blueberries, Crowberries, Watermelon berry, and Russian berry.

They are delicious, healthy, and can be found in frozen, fresh, dried, and can be used in many other forms such as fruit leather, muffins, Agutuk, sauces, and jams as well. The best thing to know about wild berries is that they are supercharged with nutrients and oxidants and ensure strong health benefits to the users.

Alaskan wild barriers are widely used to treat several health problems and many of them work as great immunity boosters as well. Many research studies reveal that they can reverse the symptoms of heart disease, macular degeneration, cancer, and many other types of illnesses.

There are several unique types of wild barriers found in Alaska; however, here we are going to talk about a few of them to boost your knowledge base:


Salmonberries are the most abundant wild berries in Alaska. They can be found on the roadside, in the backyard, hiking trails, and almost everywhere. They appear more like oversized raspberries with colors ranging from deep maroon to pinkish-orange. They are easy to pick and the flavor is a unique bland.


You will be surprised to hear that there are almost half a dozen varieties of blueberries in Alaska. Many of them are available in the wooded forests, loaded over some waist-high bushes. However, they may be less sweat as compared to the ones found in the grocery store. If you see white spots they may be moldy.


Crowberries are other alpine barriers that grow the same as dwarf blueberries and can be found in different parts of the country. Some studies conducted at the University of Alaska reveal that crowberries have comparatively higher antioxidant levels than blueberries. Even they top above nine other berries in Alaska in terms of antioxidant content. It can be considered as a potential superfood that can replace maqui and acai.

Watermelon berry

Most of the people in Alaska like watermelon berries; however, they are rare to find. They are more like small grapes filled with juicy content inside along with some tiny seeds. Their taste is more like watermelon; this is why they are named watermelon berries.

Russian berry

You may find Russian berries at many hiking sites in Alaska. They usually frow beside salmon barriers and are almost the same in terms of taste, but they are usually smaller in size and are known to have a pale orange color. Many people also call them orange salmonberries.

There are many more berries that you may find in Alaska and most of them are loaded with rich antioxidant content to serve the human body. They can be an integral part of your diet and can add rich flavor to many of your dishes as well. You can also go through some peer-reviewed studies to know the ultimate health benefits of these berries.