What is AUS-10 Steel?

AUS-10 is the strongest among all AUS series materials and it is generally easier to sharpen. Furthermore, the 60 HRC rating makes it a rock-solid option for users.

AUS-10 steel was first introduced in Japan and it has properties much similar to 440 steel. However, the manufacturers have added vanadium elements to enhance the wear resistance of AUS-10 steel material. This composition allows this material to retain sharp edges for a longer time.

Important properties of AUS-10 steel:

There are so many unique things to know about AUS-10 steel material. Here we have listed some of the most important properties of this material to help you make an easy decision:

Hard but flexible

The higher hardness levels of AUS-10 steel are achieved by adding high carbon content with an approximate value of 1.05%. This is the main reason why these knives can be sharpened easily to get razor-sharp blades. But it also means that these knives will turn out to be very fragile. Therefore, professionals prefer to add some amount of silicon, manganese, and nickel to form this steel. AUS-10 steel leads to enhanced elasticity and ductility in the end product.

Carbide formation

Manufacturers have added vanadium element to the AUS-10 steel which makes it a strong carbide shaper. Note that carbide is basically a combination of carbon with few other substances such as nickel, molybdenum, and chrome. The perfect connection between these substances emerges when they are put at high temperatures for a longer duration of time.

Knives that are designed with higher carbides are usually sharper than other materials that have smaller carbides. While sharpening edges using course carbides, you may experience risks of breakage of carbides. It means, they will not get sharpened; instead, you will end up with serrations on the edges. In case if you have tightly compressed, fine carbides, they can serve you better in the long run.

Sharpening of AUS-10 steel

Along with the presence of vanadium content, AUS-10 steel also has molybdenum and chrome that leads to enhanced resistance to wear and tear. AUS-10 steel knives are capable enough to avoid corrosion and there is no need to sharpen their time and again.

In case if you are using AUS-10 steel knives in your kitchen, you may also need specialized sharpening materials. Generally, experts do not recommend using a pull-through sharpener for AUS-10 steel knives. You can use some coarser sharpening stones for the knives that have coarser carbides.

The strong and tough finish of AUS-10 steel knives makes them the perfect choice for routine needs. Moreover, as they can handle more wear and tear; they can be sharpened with ease. All these wonderful qualities make AUS-10 steel knives a top-notch solution for indoor and outdoor needs.

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