How to Sharpen Titanium Knives?

The titanium knife is known as the most important survival tool for anyone. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and tough. You will find it very handy while hunting, angling, and diving. However, there are few drawbacks as well that you need to understand before making a purchase for titanium knives.

Things you need to know about titanium knife Sharpen:

If you search on the internet, you may find several unique methods to sharpen titanium knives. The list includes the use of Japanese water stones, whetstones, scissors, ceramics, and aluminum oxide stones. However, each of these methods also comes with few disadvantages.

  • Using diamond rod

Here is one of the most inexpensive titanium knife sharpening tools that you can buy online. In order to sharpen the blade of the titanium knife, you should incline the sharpening tool perfectly at an angle across the blade; but it doesn’t require you to pay much pressure. You may have to maintain this sequence for few minutes to achieve a nice edge on the titanium knife blade.

Serrated titanium knives are known to hold cutting power for the long run; however, the straight edges get dull faster. But they may appear difficult to sharpen. The diamond sharpener must be held carefully at the level of the original edge angle and then drag the sharpener towards the edge. You may have to repeat it ten times to achieve desired results.

  • Using abrasive pad

You can also use an 8×2 inch abrasive pad for sharpening titanium knives. Simply take the knife and place it on one edge of this abrasive pad. It should have a quarter height with an angle less than 45 degrees. Now stroke it carefully across the pad so that blade slides property up to the tip. Slow, steady, and gentle strokes are required to achieve the desired edge of the blade. You can also stroke it back to take out the residues. Repeat the process 5 times to get a sharp knife. This technique works really well for the titanium knives and is safe on your fingers as well.

While sharpening your titanium knife, you should follow some necessary tips from experts. The best idea is to keep the sharpening angle between 25 to 45 degrees. The serrated edges of titanium knives must be sharpened one after another. Experts do not recommend using electric sharpeners for sharpening titanium knives.

Some of the most important characteristics of titanium knives include corrosion-resistant, abrasion resistance, temperature resistant, toughness, and non-magnetic finish. Therefore, these knives are a great choice for all those who spend more time in water and can also resist high temperatures in the kitchen area. Note that titanium knives are a little difficult to sharpen due to their higher hardness levels.

But the great news is that they can hold their edge for a longer duration and are rated to be the most maintenance-free kitchen tools.

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