What is CTS-XHP Stainless Steel?

The CTS-XHP stainless steel is one of the most recommended American steel that can meet your high-end knife needs.

If we talk in terms of the Rockwell hardness scale, XHP Steel is rated to achieve the hardness between 60 to 64 HRC which is almost the same as D2 steel. Therefore, it can be a great choice for making knives.

You must analyze how well it performs for holding the edge and how long it can maintain the sharpness levels. Other than this, the knife must present great wear resistance and must be easy to sharpen.

Properties of XHP Steel:

key properties of XHP Steel to help you choose knives made up of this material:

  • Wear resistance: These knives offer excellent wear resistance, almost the same as D2 steel.

  • Toughness: The high hardness levels of this steel don’t deliver excellent toughness but it can withstand some degree of abuse with ease.

  • Edge retention: These knives are rated high for their ability to sustain sharpness for the long run.

What is XHP Steel?

CTS XHP Steel is one of the top-rated high chromium, air-hardening, high carbon, anti-corrosion steel alloy that was first introduced by a US brand Carpenter. This steel is known to deliver higher corrosion resistance along with the finest edge retention abilities as compared to other members in the CTS steel family.

This steel can be also described in terms of high hardness same as type 440C stainless steel and great corrosion resistance like D2 tool steel due to unique chemical chemistry. Therefore, it can be easily used for designing high-end cutlery, surgery tools, and knives.

Composition of XHP Steel

Some of you might be interested to know about the elements available in XHP Steel material. Well, the alloying elements used for creating XHP Steel are silicon 0.40%, nickel 0.35%, vanadium 0.45%, molybdenum 0.80%, manganese 0.50%, chromium 16% and carbon 1.60%. all these alloys add different properties to the ultimate steel formation. The silicon content boosts strength and hardness; however, a higher amount can lead to brittleness. Nickel helps to enhance the toughness and corrosion resistance of steel.

Vanadium is useful for improving the wear resistance, strength, and toughness of the material. Molybdenum can enhance the hardenability, strength, hardness, and toughness of the material. Manganese is good for enhancing tensile strength and hardenability of material, whereas chromium is also good for increasing corrosion resistance, toughness, hardness, and tensile strength. Carbon content is used to improve the wear resistance and hardness of steel.

Considering all these benefits, you can definitely think of investing in XHP Steel knives for your kitchen.

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