Can You Keep a Sweatshirt Soft on the Inside?

You can keep sweatshirt nice and soft for a long by choosing a gentle detergent, turning them outside for washing, and air drying.


There is nothing better than a soft sweats on a cool night during a camping trip, it is a must have item.


Sweatshirts are an amazing outfit mostly worn by the youngsters. People get attracted to this piece of clothing because of its soft and fluffy nature. But after wearing and washing it for several times it might lose its softness. It won’t be as fun as before anymore if it loses its two greatest features. Given below are the steps that you should follow in order to keep your sweatshirts soft from inside: –



  • Choosing the right detergent – While taking a trip down to the super market one might get confused among the various detergents that are available. One might smell good, another might be expensive the list goes on. But it is essential to understand the fabric of the sweatshirt and then make the decision according to the fabric’s need. Many people tend to make their decision based on their price which shouldn’t be the case. One should use a mild detergent and use as per manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Stains should be removed the right way – Stains are a part of our life. One might spill the curry on sweatshirt while they’re out for dinner. It is highly recommended to remove the stain at earliest as possible. There lies a problem with the stain removers. Most of the stain removers available in the market are very harsh and they tend to affect the fabric of the sweat shirt. It is my suggestion to ditch all the chemical removers and use some natural stain removal remedies like lemons. They won’t mess up with fabric and will remove the stain without messing up with the fabric.


  • Turn the sweatshirts inside out before washing – It is a very essential step that should be followed before throwing your sweatshirt into the washing machine. If there is a zipper do not forget to zip it up. This way the outer fabric of the sweatshirt won’t get affected inside the machine. Although, I will recommend to wash the sweatshirts with hands. Avoiding washing machine is a safe option because the great force that is used inside the machine is harmful for the fabric. But if at all you’re using a machine, make sure to turn it inside out.


  • Wash with similar items – If you are using washing machines to wash your sweat shirts make sure to wash them with similar items. Do not wash them with jackets or jeans or even towels. The heavy fabrics of other clothing might damage the fabric of sweat shirts and make them feel scratchy. So, it is highly recommended to wash sweat shirts with similar items to avoid the scratchy feeling.


  • Wash It properly – It is very important to run an extra round of wash when it comes to sweat shirts. It is best to run an extra rinse cycle in order to make sure that the detergents are washed off properly and the stains are removed. Running an additional run is beneficial for the fabric of the sweatshirts.


  • Air drying – Avoid using dryer for sweatshirts. It is extremely harmful for the clothes. Air dry your favourite sweatshirt; it will keep the fabric intact and will help the fleece stay nice and soft.