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Do Snakes Have Tails?

Snakes do not have tails but, the entire body of the snake looks like a tail but in reality, the tail starts from a point where there is not vital organ present. The tail of a snake means the rear end of snake opposite of the head.

In other words, the extended part of the body which is not protected by ribs due to the absence of any vital organ is known as its tail. One of the important questions that may arise that whether a snakes can drop its tail like lizards since they belong to the same family. Well, the answer is no.

Larger and thinner tails of male snakes are used to store their hemipenes. The tail of a snake has several other uses as well. Some of the snake vibrates their tail when they feel threatened. It serves as a form of auditory warning for the people. Other theory, suggests that it a way by which the snake tries to diverge the attention from its vital body parts like head and the body towards its tail.

Proper snakes do not have the privilege to drop its tail. Although some legless Lizards can drop its tail. The snakes do not have the power to regrow its tail if it breaks off because they are not lizards.

Female snakes are usually larger in size than the male snakes and the basic reason is that it helps a snake in producing large healthy eggs or babies. However, the tails of the male snakes are larger and thinner than the female ones. This adaptation is there because of the reproductive anatomy.

Apart from the rattle snake, there are several other pit vipers that are known to have the same behaviour of vibrating their tail. It includes: –

  • Cottonmouths

  • Copperheads

  • Cantils

  • Terciopelos

  • Bushmasters

Snakes are pretty exotic creature that are found everywhere except for cold areas like Antarctica. Snakes can control the amount of venom they are injecting and at times may bite aggressively for food or protection. They do not like to waste their venom on non-prey organism.

The tail of a snake is the end of its body.