7 Ways How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Tent

Upgraded tents 

While shopping for tents, many people do not even consider the occurrence of mosquitos in their campsites. But if they did think about the insects, they would have gotten the perfect tent for the purpose. There are several tents available in the market that come with two layers. These layers not only offer ventilation to you but also prevent mosquitos from entering. But before entering the tent, it would be best for you to double-check for any hole. 



If you are afraid of mosquitos ruining your camping, try to camp in dry and high-altitude locations. Mosquitos do not enter dry sites. Also, they do not reach high areas. That is why camping by lakes or puddles is an awful idea. The areas adjacent to water bodies are prone to get attacked by mosquitos. 


Bug spray

Get a can of flying insect spray.


Clothes Color 

While camping, it would be best for you to try to wear light-colored clothes to prevent getting attacked by mosquitos. It is a well-known fact that mosquitos are attracted to wardrobes of dark colors. That is why avoiding them would be a good idea for you. Also, it would be better for you if you wear clothes with long sleeves. 



Be in range of smoke. They do not like that.


Mosquito Sticks

Before camping, do not forget to set up a campfire. The best idea to prevent mosquitos from entering your tent is to burn some mosquito sticks around the campfire and near your tent. Your aroma of the sticks will send the mosquitos far away from your campsite. As most of these mosquito sticks are injected with insect repellent, mosquitoes or other insects hate staying near them. 


Good Hygiene 

Mosquitos are most attracted to those who have body odor. That is why it is always better to maintain proper hygiene while camping. If you stay clean, mosquitos will not come towards you. While camping for multiple days, cleaning yourself thoroughly might be problematic that. In that case, you can wear a light deodorant for masking your body odor quickly. 

They can bite multiple times and are annoying. By following them, you will be able to stay in your tent mosquito-free quite easily. 


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