Can You Use Shampoo to Wash Your Car or RV?

You should not use hair shampoo to clean the outside of your Vehicle because it can damage the paint. There are harsh chemicals in shampoo. You should use a mild soap made for cleaning cars. Also, Don’t use dish soap.


  • Human Hair Shampoo – Do not use

  • Dish Soap – Do not use

  • Car shampoo products – are mild and made for vehicles.


You can use shampoo like products that are mild and made for cleaning cars like: Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo


If you are out of soap then just rinse it well with water to get off most of the dirt.


Car shampoo is the perfect way to bring out the shine and glitters of your car. It will make your vehicle just like a new one, even if it is parked in the garage for a very long time.


Just like that, hair shampoos are harsh for car paint, if you leave it longer on the car, it can damage the car paint.


To perfectly wash your car, all you need is a bucket of water, shampoo, and a sponge with a grip to take away all the dirt. And lastly a towel, a microfibre towel is more helpful than a normal towel to wipe it clean.


Always start with preparing the shampoo, read the directions beforehand, and use a few drops as directed on a bucket full of water. Wash your car with water beforehand. Make a good lather, it would wash away dirt particles very smoothly.


Always start with the tires and wheels, they are the dirtiest part of the car and you don’t want sand and mud on your newly washed body of the car. Use a separate sponge for the body and the wheels.


The wheel sponge will always be filled with mud clots, sand particles, and brake dust. If you use that same sponge on the body, it will leave scratches on the paint. This brings me to the next rule. Do not scrub. Scrubbing will be too harsh for your car paint. Use a hose with a narrow nozzle for a swift and gentle wash.


Always start with rinsing that from top to bottom i.e., Roof → Windows → Hood → Trunk → Side Body →Bumper.


Rinse thoroughly before dirt risen with car shampoo adheres to the surface again.


Try to wash and rinse per panel step by step, especially during the summer or in high temperatures. And lastly, use an old toothbrush with the shampoo to scrub away the dirt on narrow gaps where the sponge cannot reach.


Before purchasing a shampoo, you need to check for the magic ingredients. Magic ingredients in shampoos include; green tea, aloe Vera, and jojoba oil.

The cost of shampoo will vary because of many factors. The brand type and bottle size bring variations in the overall cost of the shampoo. When purchasing a shampoo, you’ll need to purchase one that fits your budget.


Don’t go for shampoo you can’t afford, or the one you may need to switch to a less expensive one after some time. Check your budget for the shampoo, and look at the price ranges for the available brands.

Use a mild soap product made for cleaning vehicles.