Can you Boil Water Without a Pot?

There are ways to boil water without a pot which can be done directly by heating water-filled bottles, plant leaves, paper bags, or dropping hot solid rocks into any alternative container like wooden container, bamboo trunks, or by making even a hole in the ground.

Boil Water Using Soft Drink Plastic Bottle

Usually, these bottles are made of food-grade plastics and therefore they are safe even when used for boiling water. The advantage of using plastic bottles for this purpose is that whereas water boils at 212 degrees F (100 C) – plastic bottles melt at as high as 491 degrees F (255 degrees C) heating points. So, they may deform but won’t burn or melt even if they are put on campfire.

Steps to boil water:

  • Fill the plastic bottle fully with water making sure to keep its cap a bit loose to allow steam to discharge slowly.

  • Now put the bottle directly in the campfire for boiling. Although it will deform and perhaps even change color, it won’t melt or burn, given that it’s water-filled. The simple science is that the thin walls of your bottle transmit fire’s heat quickly to the water inside. Note that as long as it has enough water for transferring heat in there, the plastic won’t melt.

  • Use a stick to remove the bottle and don’t touch it immediately as it’s too hot. Let it cool down and then pick it up after a few minutes for draining.

Boil Water In Wooden Container With Hot Rocks

Even if, you cannot place a container made of wood directly in the fire, because wood is highly inflammable and will fire immediately, still you can boil water in such a container. And this can be done simply by dropping heated rocks in the container containing the water.

Make a wooden container

For this, you need to choose a large piece of wood and a sharp tool, like a knife to make a hollow within the piece of wood. However, if you don’t get to such a piece of wood, consider using a large tree trunk. Alternatively, you can use a bamboo trunk but cutting a hole in it which can hold water.

Get the rocks

While choosing rocks, make sure they are solid and not porous which often contains gravels, sand, or water. Porous rocks are more likely to explode in the fire and that can hit you or your gears dangerously. Also, choose rocks that don’t contain dirt or debris.

Rinse the container and rocks

Before boiling your water, it makes sense to rinse the wooden container, and rocks in a water source to ensure they are free from any debris or microbes.

Steps to boil the water in a wood container

  • As stated, instead of placing the container directly in the fire, we will use it as a container to boil the water – by dropping hot rocks in it once they absorb enough heat and by transferring that hit to your water.

  • Accordingly, put the rocks directly in the fire and fill the wooden container with water. Let the rocks take up enough heat.

  • Use a stick to pick the hot rocks from the fire and then drop them one by one into the container. The size of your container determines the number of rocks you should drop in it. Thus you can get the water boiled before drinking and can even store it for further use.    

Boil Water in Large Tree Leaf

Surrounded by the nature mother, the most effective and fastest way to get your water boiled is using a large plant leaf. And for this, a good option is choosing leaves of plants like banana, palm, or elephant ear plants that are found in a fairly larger size. Avoid wild plants which might be toxic for you.

Steps to boil the water in tree leaf

  • Grip the edges of the leaf to form a shallow bowl. Use sharp sticks to nip the back of the container so that can hold its form.

  • Fill the leaf bowl with water and then hold the bowl over the fire. Even if the flames reach the leaf, however, since it’s filled with water, it will not burn. Well, the areas like corners which are out of water may get burnt. Thus, the water will heat up to its boiling point what is just enough to make it drinkable.

There are plenty of ways that water can be boiled without a pot. If you just need some drinking water then using a portable filter is quick and easy.

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