What Scares You the Most?

Are you afraid of bears, wolves, and bugs?

Everyone has some fears. Being bitten by a snake. Falling on a hike. Thunderstorm while tent camping.

Most popular fears:


Fear is a natural feeling that is synonymous to being afraid of something, or someone or maybe just the situation a person is in.

If prodded further, we get a scare mostly of the unknown, unseen, the suspense. It disturbs us further, because of many unpleasant incidents occurring in the past , us being a part of, and also of incidents when we were a silent spectator of, somehow permanently etched in our memories in the most negative way.

We would like to avoid such incidents but when there is a chance of them being repeated we feel scared, not knowing the apt way to react.

Fears of certain thing or certain person can be overcome with time For example: Some people having a fear of heights, opt for bungee jumping , or jumping from great heights with a safety harness, just in order to overcome it

But what I fear the most, are probably not one but two things

  1. Fear itself. Once we get into the habit of getting scared of different things from time to time, it just continues to either increase from the extent it used to disturb, or switch from one thing to another. A horrible impact of it is to cloud our minds with unnecessary thoughts that are nothing but our imaginations that we see ourselves and our loved ones fall into. A huge amount of time and energy are wasted for the above.

It is interesting to notice that babies, who are less than a year are never scared of things, in general, the reason being they are completely unaware of the feeling of fear. As they grow older it is the environment that instills a belief of fear in them which continues in a manifold way as they transform into adults. It actually cripples you to face any tough situation.

  1. Uncertainty: Nothing is more scary than uncertainty, and nothing is more uncertain than our future. No matter how many logical predictions do the rounds, the biggest truth of life is none knows what the future holds for us. The common questions that bother us all, sum up into one big question what if I or people or things that we are attached to, are in a worse situation that we are in, today. Unfortunate occurrences around us force us to have a fear about the fact that everything cannot be planned and prepared for.

The best way to deal with fear is acceptance of it and have a quiet discussion with ourselves regarding the most intelligent and practical way to deal with it.

When we need to believe that fear will always be existent in some way or the other on the other hand it is also the biggest truth that future starting from the next moment to an infinite period of time will always be uncertain. What is in our hands is to live life in the best way possible and also to be prepared in the soundest manner for the darkest period of time.

Do not be afraid of slightly risky situations like hiking and camping. You may encounter bear, but probably not.