Why do Bikes Have Small Seats?

Bicycles have small seats for efficiency and weight balance. They are made to keep you moving fast for 2 hours rather than sitting all day in front of computer. You can wear padded shorts to add some cushion. You can get a bigger seat but is not recommended as it will slow you down.


The seat of a cycle is a triangular object and its job is just about supporting the posture of the rider. There is nothing lavish about the seat of a bicycle or an electric bike, be it the most basic or be it an advanced model. Rather in the riders’ world, it is known as a saddle, not seat.


Through ages there have been trial in changing the design of the bike seat to make it comfortable, but each time it remains almost the same. The seat that we sit on generally is not comfortable when we are involved in a physical activity such as moving the pedal. For riding, the saddle is found to be the ideal supportive thing to rest on.



When we ride a bicycle, we sit on our bones. The weight of our body is balanced by the set of bones under our buttocks, which is called the Ischial Tuberosity. When we ride the bike, the peripheral area around the bones also tends to touch the seat. This scenario is not very desirable as longer touching of those portions to the surface may cause aches. That is why the saddles of bikes are designed to be smaller and harder.


When the body weight is stressed on the set of bones, the skin and the flesh should not be able to dig into the soft surface of the saddle. If the seat is considered to be triangle, the vertex like narrow part in front is also made so to keep enough space for the riders to move both thighs without any resistance. So we see that behind this age old pattern of designing bike seats, there has been basic science that has been acting as the principle.


Just like anything else, bike saddles also vary for people of different shapes. When you buy a bike, you can definitely check if the saddle suits you. If you are a new rider, it may take some time to make out because a new rider tends to sit into the saddle while riding which causes slight aches in the lower part of the body.

But after a week or two into riding, the aches go away. If one feels the aches even after that period, it may be possible that the saddle doesn’t suit him. In that case, he may go for a saddle that suits him.

Saddles also depend on the style with which you ride a bike. If you are a fast rider, you would probably need a narrow saddle as maximum part of your weight will be carried by your legs and handlebars.


For the ones who ride cycles in a leisurely manner, fuller saddles are suitable. Some riders prefer saddles with soft coverings to provide the initial support to their butts, but as they grow their tolerance they move on to herder and smaller seats. So these were some reasons behind the uncomfortable looking small bike seats, which are definitely designed keeping science in mind.