Folding vs Inflatable Kayak

Inflatables are cheaper than folding kayaks so that is the biggest difference. Most people start with an inflatable and then move to a folding once they see how much fun they are.

Inflatable models are ideal for people who have never had a kayak. They are practical, cheap, and have good performance.

Considering that many of them fit in a backpack, they are the perfect option for fishing, for Sunday routes and, in general, to start in the world of kayaking.

Expert users also have a wide range of mid-range and high-end options that rigid kayaks have nothing to envy.

Models like the Sevylor Tahiti Plus or the Riviera are real monsters, which will give us an excellent performance in all kinds of conditions.

One of the points in favor of an inflatable kayak (in addition to its small folded size) is that with very little weight, it can support the weight of 3-4 people without a problem.

They weigh about the same, folding cost 10x more as shown in chart:

Kayak Weight Cost

Intex Challenger Kayak inflateable

27 lbs $70.00

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable

31 lbs $170.00

Oru Kayak Bay ST Folding Kayak

28 lbs $1,500.00
The haven folding 30 lbs $2k

 More kayak prices.

Folding kayaks

Detachable kayaks (also known as folding kayaks) are the latest fashion. They have been hitting hard, and they are an exciting innovation that combines the best performance of each other. We have, for example, models like the Oru Kayak, a sensation in this last year.

The folding kayak, an innovative design, because you can take it everywhere, with its briefcase-style when it is folded, and when the time comes to use it, you unfold it until you get your kayak to navigate.

The functionality of this type of kayak makes it take no more than 10 minutes to assemble it, and likewise, to fold it and return it to its briefcase shape.

This kayak design is made up of two rigid plastic structures; this innovation is attributed to the architect Anton Willis, who set out to create a kayak that was adaptable in size and easy to store.


You can see from the pictures they deflate to take up minimal space.  ^^

The place to store is one of the first things I would consider when deciding which type of kayak to buy. They are big and take up a lot of space in your home or apt. In addition to the inflatable and folding kayak, there is the rigid kayak, which takes up a lot of space.

If you do not have enough space, regardless of other factors, I would opt for a folding or inflatable model.

Why? Well, because a rigid kayak does not take up very little space, and having to transport it everywhere can help you end up abandoning it.

If the answer is yes (you have a beach house, for example, with a warehouse to store it), do not hesitate to consider a rigid one and go to the next question.

Where to go.

How you use the kayak depends largely on where you intend to go.

If you are a user of the Ocean, for example, you will not need the same benefits as if you were going to go out in reservoirs with calm waters.

The more demanding the conditions (open sea, currents, weather…), the more we would recommend inflatable but high-end options.


The budget is an important factor, but it is not usually decisive to choose between inflatable or folding.

Folding models are indeed more expensive, but my recommendation is that we first decide the most advisable for us and then see which option best suits our budget.