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How many hours does an RV generator last?

A RV generator will last about 12 hours on average. They range from 8-20 hours depending on type.


Type Run Time
Conventional 10 hours
Inverter 20 hours
Single Tank 8 hours


When you want to buy an RV generator, you have to look for many things. The first thing that one must look at is the type of fuel the generator use. The main types of fuels are diesel, gasoline, and propane. Another thing that one must consider is if the generator is conventional or is it an inverter type of generator.

All these things will let us estimate how many hours the generator will work. Most generators are available in 2000 watts and this limit goes up to 4000 watts. Here are some examples of generators and how many hours does an RV generator last on a full tank.

Conventional generators

This is the most basic type of RV generator. This generator is heavy and it dissipates energy. With a full tank, it can run up to 10 hours. This generator will produce noise so these are not the best choice if you want luxury RV experience. If you are looking for a cheap one, this should be your choice.

Inverter generator

This is another type of RV generator that uses advanced technology for better fuel efficiency. The inverter generator is usually silent so you can enjoy the luxury RV experience with this type of generator. These generators will dissipate less energy. It is also fuel-efficient. And can last up to 20 hours in some conditions when the conditions are right.

Single tank time

A single tank can last many hours. It depends on the power usage of the generator. The 2000-watt generator is not heavy and it can have one gallon of fuel in the tank. It will run for more than 8 hours. The 3000-watt generator usually has a 1.5 gallons fuel tank and it runs more than 7 hours with this amount of fuel. 4000-watt generators are heavy and they consume a huge amount of fuel.

Factor affecting generator time

RV generators will work efficiently if you have maintained them properly. As this experience is not enjoyed all year long, the generator can get rusty and its efficiency will decrease. Generators need to be tuned and tested every month. Some other maintenance works like changing lubricant fuel can also affect the timing of generators.

Another thing that affects the timing of a generator is fuel capacity. All the generators come with a specific fuel tank so their capacity is usually fixed. You can either install an extra tank with an RV generator to increase the working time or you can keep the fuel aside so you can refill the generator quickly.

How many hours in single Run

When you start the RV experience, you know that you have to use a generator for a specific time and after that, you need to close it. If the generator keeps running indefinitely, it will break down. Conventional generators will break down easily so you have to be careful not to run this conventional type of generators for a long time.

Running regular RV generator for 8 hours is enough. You need to give the generator a little break after that. The inverter generator has a better running time so you can run them up to 150 hours continuously.

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