How Long do Non-Removable Cell Phone Batteries Last?

Non removable cell phone batteries last for 500 charges. If you re charge almost every night then a 2 year lifespan is normal. They can last longer with diminished capacity.


Most batteries will also degrade after some years of use, and when they do, you need to get a replacement. Modern batteries don’t last for long and since it is removable, you can replace it with a new model easily.


If the phone with a removable battery gets soaked in water, it will be easier to dry it than the sealed battery smartphones. You can easily get the battery and put it to dry while hoping no component is damaged.


Finally, if you have a removable battery, you can swap it with an extra one if it runs out of charge. Therefore, you won’t have to run out of power if you’re using your phone.


Most modern versions of phones do not have a removable battery- therefore, your phone might not have another option for a removable battery. And if you like removable batteries, you can easily be disappointed since most newer phones have only non-removable batteries.

Though it can be a benefit, removing the battery will render the phone digitally untraceable.

Since the removable battery is not fitted into the phone’s design, then it’s likely the phone usually has a large frame size.

Risk of Damage: Since removing the battery means cracking the phone open, you can likely damage the internal components with dirt and dust.


Non-removable batteries

Non-removable batteries emerged due to the changing needs of consumers. The consumers needed large, thin, and comfortable devices and the companies raced in competition to make their smartphones more delicate through certain additions.

Most smartphones now have the battery hidden by a non-removable cover. It can only be accessed after the smartphone is disassembled.

In-built batteries have a main advantage, which is compactness. You cannot just remove the battery with ease since it’s protected with other system components. There is a smaller protective film for the battery, which has made it possible to increase the size of the battery while reducing the case size.

Also, these batteries feature better dust and moisture protection as solid covers protect them. These covers are made from high-quality, sturdy, and sealed materials which offers better protection against various weather elements. And even though the microphones, speakers, and charging port are exposed, these phones have better protection than ones with removable batteries.

Besides, since the phone is safely enclosed inside the internal components, it’s easy to recover it. The thief won’t remove the phone to stop its tracking, and it will also be hard to disable or remove the tracking features.

The major problem with this type of battery is because they are non-removable. This can be inconvenient to many since if the battery starts to malfunction, it risks making the phone damaged. It is also challenging to remove the phone on your own, and you need expert help to disassemble the phone. Therefore, in the long-term, it can end up being inconvenient.

Also, it won’t be possible to buy additional batteries so that you can charge them separately. Therefore, you need to use the battery power optimally or use a power bank. Additionally, over time the battery capacity will reduce to even a point of 30% or higher. When this occurs, you need to replace the battery, and you will pay extra at the service center for the replacement.

When you encounter most issues with your smartphone, you will have the notion of trying the old adage of turning it off and on again. This is a quick fix for most problems, and with a removable battery, you can whip the battery out. It’s not a good idea, though, as it can lead to more damages in some ways; however, it’s the ideal method when every solution hits a brick.


Can they be replaced?

Yes, non-removable batteries can be replaced but only with dedicated tools and expert help.]

How to Remove

It is done through the display, and special cards and suction cups are used to crack the body. You open and remove the screws, then the cable and device stuffing. Now, you will see either a square or rectangular battery with thinner walls and less protection. You can now remove this battery and install the new one.


The price factor also plays a major role in whether you choose the removable or non-removable battery. The all-metal cases are quite expensive, and smartphone bars are also quite expensive. But during the last few years,


Another common challenge with removable batteries is bloating. Battery swelling or bloating, as it is commonly referred to, is common in older batteries. Most modern phones with non-removable batteries are designed to hold up charges and last for longer, even under different temperature conditions. However, you should also avoid putting your phone closer to high temperatures or overcharging the phone as it’s the main cause of bloating.

The phones have come a long way from simple gadgets with large batteries to the slim and compact designs popular today. We now have removable and non-removable batteries, and the latter is taking the market pretty fast. Your choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

When looking for a smartphone, you will usually have an option of a phone with a removable or non-removable battery. The type of battery is one of the top features to consider when buying a phone besides the camera quality and processor. The quality of the battery also plays a significant role in your phone, but it’s not always about how long the battery will last but whether it is removable or not.

Many consumers consider it a sticking point in their choice of phones as most have a love-hate relationship with mobile batteries. Currently, most modern phones have non-removable batteries compared to the traditional ones, which have removable types.