Does a Cell Phone Ring if it’s Dead or Turned Off?

If a cellphone is not powered on, then it cannot ring. The callers may hear no ring at all or one or two rings before that call is transferred to voice-mail, if the user being called has voice-mail service.

There is an artificial ring is not generated by the receiver’s phone to indicate a call is being attempted, and that’s why it entirely depends on the carrier systems. So the caller may hear a message that the contact can’t be reached.



Does a Phone Ring If Blocked

Most network providers allow the user to block calls from specific numbers, while not usually informing the blocked individual about the same.


Android Phones

All android smartphones come with a text and call blocking feature. When you block someone from calling, you will not receive their calls anymore and won’t get any ring. All the calls from blocked numbers will be sent to the voicemail, while texts from those numbers won’t be delivered.



On blocking a number, the blocked caller is directed straight to voicemail, which is also a hint for the caller that they have been blocked. The person can surely leave a voicemail, but the same won’t be displayed with your regular messages. Instead, you will have to scroll down to the bottom of your phone’s voicemail window and select the “Blocked Messages” tab.



As for the callers, you may imply that your number is blocked by someone if you hear a quick ring or no ring and your call directly transfers to voicemail. However, if the phone rings 3-4 time and then you hear the voicemail, you may not have been blocked yet and the person may simply be busy.





Does a Phone Ring if it has No Service

A phone will not ring if it has no service as it’s not able to connect to the carrier network. Often, if your phone is in a no-service area, a caller gets the voicemail message or hear the ‘out of network/cannot reach the person’ message depending on the specific region of the world. However, in some cases, when a network is unable to reach a cellphone due to some remote location with zero reception, the phone will ring for the caller very briefly. In that case, they can leave you a voicemail or simply send a text, which you will get when the phone gets its service back.





Can You Get Voice Mail if Phone is Dead

If your phone is dead or turned off, you can surely get a voicemail by the person calling, which you’ll receive when the phone is back on. Usually, the callers will be sent to voicemail if your phone is dead or not answered in 30 second. When the phone is dead, most network providers send a message to inform you that there is voicemail when you turn the phone on again. The exact working of the voicemail largely depends on the carrier.


Android Phones

Just like text messages, you can access voicemails on your android device after you charge it and turn it on. However, you can call your number from any VOIP, cell, home phone, or a traditional landline. When connected, you need to enter your cell number to allow the carrier to collect your voicemails from your inbox. If you have set up a voicemail pin set with your network provider, you are required to put it in with your number.



You usually access all voicemails on your iPhone through the “Phone” application. However, if your phone’s battery dies, you can still access those messages using another mobile device or a landline phone by providing your voicemail pin. All the changes you make to your voicemails on calling from another device, including deleting any messages, will also be applied to your iPhone when you turn it on.





How to Find Missing Phone if Dead

Even if your phone is dead and it’s lost, you can still find it with a few measures.


Give the Phone’s Serial Number to Authorities

Look out for the receipts and packaging of your phone as they mention the unique serial number for your device. If you don’t have the package on hand, you can try retrieving the serial number from your phone vendor or the network provider. Further, report the serial number to the concerned authorities so they can try to recover the device.



ICloud is part of iPhone’s operating system features iCloud and is recommended by the manufacturers by default when setting up your device. If your iPhone is linked to the service Find My iPhone, all you need to do is open the iCloud website, further signing in with your Apple ID. Select ‘Find My iPhone’ and choose your phone from the drop-down ‘All Devices’ menu. Next, select ‘Notify Me When Found’ to ensure that you receive email alerts if someone switches on your phone, while also getting the phone’s current location. Find

My iPhone also keeps a record of the last known location of your device for up to 24 hours. When you login into Find my iPhone, a grey dot appears on the map to indicate the last saved location. These coordinates allow you to narrow down the current location of your phone.


Android Phones

Android phones feature built-in software that track lost phones and you can enable this feature when you are setting up your phone. Visit the official website of Android Device Manager and login using your Google account. Device Manager will not show the last known location of the phone, so make sure to check in after every few minutes to see if your phone has been switched on. You can also trigger a pass-code lock or full formatting of the phone when it’s switched on later.


Using location history on Google Maps is another method that can help you track your missing phone. Log on to your Google account and open Google maps location history, further selecting a date and clicking on display timestamps’ to check where your phone has been and when. This proves to be a boon for stolen phones and the data can be provided to the concerned authorities.

There are times when our phones suddenly turn off and we realize that the device battery is dead, while at other times, the phone may be simply having no service. Callers will here 1-2 rings. You will hear nothing.