Can You Eat Cereal With Water?

Did you run out of milk?

You can eat cereal with water or plain out of the box. There really isn’t a negative effect when you partner it with water. Your main concern will be the taste of your meal as water does not add much.


However, you do miss out on the nutrients that milk has. For one, fresh milk is filled with calcium that can help you strengthen your bones. It also has calories and proteins that can make you healthier.

If you are on a camping trip, bring a box as it is very convenient.


Does Cereal With Water Taste Good?

While most people think that adding water actually lessens the taste, other people actually prefer it over using milk. It’s all about your own personal taste.


Based on the outrage that people have as a reply to those who proclaim that cereal with water is good, it’s safe to assume that it is a very polarizing issue. It’s not a popular opinion to just use water without adding any other flavor to your cereal.


However, if you do enjoy it, then who is anyone else to care? It might not be the first option for most, but if it tastes good for you, then feel free to eat your cereal with water. And for the others who have never tried it, you might want to try it once to check if you like the taste.


Cereal With Water Vs. Eating Dry

If you run out of milk, you might be tempted to eat your cereal with only water. However, before you do so, you need to understand first how it might taste like.


For one, using water with cereal makes it less crunchy. Since the cereal will absorb the water faster, it will become soggy very quickly. If this is something that bothers you, eating cereal with no liquid at all might be your best choice.


Another factor to consider is the overall taste of the cereal. Without milk, it will lose its rich flavor. However, adding water to it can further flatten the taste. Since water adds no flavor, you might be better off eating the cereal without any liquid at all.


What To Do When You Ran Out Of Milk?

There is actually a lot of other options you can do when you run out of milk when eating cereal. When you run out of milk, then you might want to try out the following substitutes that can still make it taste great.



Some people add powdered chocolate and water to their cereal when they do not have milk. Since cereal with only water tastes bland, adding a bit of flavor can make it tastier. This is actually one of the best alternatives when you run out of milk in your refrigerator.


Any other powdered flavoring that you can add and drink with, water can be good. If you are up for it, even coffee might appeal to you. But consider that as a last resort, if nothing else works for you.



You can eat your cereal dry, but to add more flavor, you can always top it with a few cranberries, raisins, almonds, cashews, walnuts, or other dried or fresh fruits. Check your refrigerator for anything that you think will make your breakfast more exciting than a plain dry cereal.



Two of the most classic breakfast meals, yogurt and cereal, can actually be combined to create a more interesting and delicious food. While it’s a whole different recipe, you cannot deny that cereal adds crunchiness and flavor to plain yogurt.


You can also add fresh or frozen fruits with your yogurt if you are feeling a bit fancy. Just add a few of your favorite fruits to your cereal and it will taste as good!


Other Types Of Milk

If you do not have fresh milk in your refrigerator anymore, or your market ran out of supply, there are still tons of other types of milk you can use for your breakfast.


Soy milk is one of the most popular alternatives to fresh milk. Rice milk, coconut, and hemp milk can also taste great with cereal. Oat milk might also work, but it has more calories than regular fresh milk.


You can use powdered milk instead of fresh milk. This will make water with cereal taste not as bad.


How Many People Eat Cereal With Water?

There are no exact statistics on just how many eat cereal with water but a lot of people on the internet swear by it.


But, you also have to understand that it’s not just about how many people like something that is not conventionally liked by everyone else.


There are also other brands of cereal that create flavorful flakes, making water with cereal not taste as bad. For example, there are people who do not like putting milk on fruity cereals as the flavors clash.


While we do not know how many people do it, it’s safe to assume that there are people out there experimenting on it.

When you run out of milk, you might think there’s no more option to eat your cereal. But you can always try it dry. Or, you can try to be creative with the recipe. There’s a lot of things you can still add with cereal.


In the end, if you simply run out of milk, just make sure that next time, there’s always fresh stock of milk in your refrigerator so that you won’t run into the same problems anymore.