What’s the Difference Between Driving and Traveling?

Driving is for the people who love to travel independently and want to go on road trips. Traveling is letting someone else do the driving like ride share or airplane.


Advantages of driving

  • Flexible one of the most amazing advantages of driving is the independence, freedom and flexibility that you get. You can decide which road you want to take or where you want to stop.
  • You can pack your stuff – you don’t have to pay extra money or baggage fees for your luggage and also, you can easily, fit it inside a car. You can organize your bags and also use trunk organizers.
  • Make your schedule – you don’t have to worry about missing your train or bus. You can rely on your car and can change the time whenever you want.
  • Comfortable – driving in your car or RV is comfortable as you can wear comfy clothes and you don’t have to dress up because there will be no one to look at you.
  • Listen to what you want – you can listen to any music, book, tape, podcast or radio you want. You can also eat your favourite snacks without feeling awkward and can sing without feeling insecure.


Disadvantages of driving

  • Boring – driving hundreds of miles for hours can be boring as you can not look at the same scenery all the time. you don’t have anyone to talk to or to play with.
  • Car problems – running a car for a long duration can heat the engine and might put you in trouble.
  • Risk of accidents – not being a professional driver. It has You can catch up on an accident if you try to drive fast but if you drive slow then you won’t be able to reach on time and also you will get tired.
  • You can get lost – the network is not available everywhere so if you don’t have a good sense of direction you can get lost even after having mobile GPS.


Advantages of traveling

traveling is for the people who like adventures and interacting with people.


  • Meet new people – while traveling you will come across some amazing and interesting experiences and you never know when you find a good friend.
  • Experience – you will get the experience of learning a new culture from the people who are traveling with you. You can also freely enjoy the view by looking outside the window as you don’t have to focus on driving.
  • Builds confidence – meeting new people and talking to them builds your confidence and also improves your communication skills.
  • Interesting experiences – you meet different people who share their different stories which help you to learn new things.


Disadvantages of traveling

  • Rigidity – one of the biggest disadvantages of traveling in local transports is that you can’t do what you want and they, don’t travel according to your convenience.
  • Restlessness – if you are on a bus or a train no matter how tired you are you can’t stop in some random place to book a hotel to take a rest.
  • Bad seat partner – sometimes you have to deal with rude or annoying seat partners who can make your journey miserable.
  • Health issues – you can feel uncomfortable if you don’t get rest properly and can get sick as well.


Can you drive without a license?


This is a very common question that can I drive without a license and the answer to this question is a clear no. Driving without a license is illegal, you can get arrested and also you have to pay a huge fine. If you drive without a license the police can revoke your vehicle registration and might suspend your license for a long period.


As you can see there are quite a few advantages and disadvantages of traveling and driving both. You can choose any of these depending on your needs, all these points mentioned above can help you to select the right one.