Can you use a Laptop with a Dead Battery?

When your battery dies, you can either choose to use it with or without the battery or get a replacement. If you can plug it into a power outlet then it will work.


Keeping a laptop plugged into a power source.

According to several users, your laptop can continue to function ordinarily even with no battery, provided you safely keep it plugged into the socket. Theoretically, it can make your PC function just like the desktop does, which means that your laptop will automatically power off when you unplug the charger.

It is vitally important to ensure that your laptop charger is safely plugged into the power source and your adapter is not too old or loose. Uninterrupted shutdowns caused by a loose cable or power failure can be extremely distractive to your Random Access Memory (RAM) as well as other components of the PC. As a result, you face corruption or loss of your data and files, and their recovery can be cumbersome or even not possible at all.

While this technique hinders the flexibility feature that laptops offer to users, it is the only safe and effective way to utilize your laptop with no battery until you buy a replacement. Although This method works efficiently, experts do not recommend it for prolonged periods, particularly because laptops are not designed to be utilized in such a manner.

Precautionary steps to follow

You need to understand all the precautionary steps before trying out this technique- to avoid damaging your precious laptop.

• Keep your charger intact.

Even a slight movement or touch to your charge can result in a pause of electric current flow, which might unexpectedly shut down your laptop, leading to loss of data and files. Additionally, it may be quite destructive to the internal components of your laptop if it forcefully powers off. Make it a habit of manually switching off your device before you unplug the charger from the socket.

• Utilize the original adapter

Variations in the power supply can harm various components of the motherboard of your laptop. Notably, these impacts cannot be entirely lessened since your laptop has no battery to mimic the UPS’s functions. Utilizing the initial adapter that came with your PC will assist in easing the negative impacts of any power variations.

• Stay clear of the battery pin slots.

It is very harmful to touch or come into contact with the already exposed batter slots while your PC is plugged into the socket. Doing so can result in fatal injuries.


How long do laptop batteries last?

The typical run-time for most laptop batteries ranges anywhere between two to four hours based on the model of your laptop and the programs running on your computer. PCs with huge screens have a shorter run-time.


Battery swelling in a laptop

Most portable electronics such as laptops and tablets are powered by lithium-ion batteries. And when lithium batteries are failing due to old age, overcharged, and over-heated, it is possible for the interior battery cells to outgas a very flammable electrolyte substance. This is battery swelling comes in laptop batteries are only made to comprise a safe measure to prevent outgassing that can even result in a disastrous fire.


Why a laptop battery fail to charge?

Although there are a number of variables that would contribute to a battery failing to charge, this guide narrows down the most popular reasons into three main culprits, including:

• Declining laptop battery health- similar to other electronic devices, laptop batteries do not last forever. Thus, one of the main reasons why laptop batteries would fail to charge is declining in their health.

• Software malfunction- it is vitally important that your laptop’s configuration settings are set to power off at a very low level or set to sleep after few minutes of inactivity. While these configuration settings are not proven to be “malfunctions,” they seem to be.

• Power cord problems- frequently moving your laptop from one place to another means also carrying your charging cable with you. Between setting it down and wrapping it up for portability, your power cord can be unexpectedly bent out from its original shape.

Dead battery replacement

Your laptop battery will certainly die at some point. When that time has come, you will only need to replace it. The main thing you should do is to remove and review it to check for the model number. To buy a new battery, you either contact a 3rd-party or purchase from the PC’s manufacturer.

Although 3rd- party alternatives might be cheaper, considering the computer’s manufacturer is the best option as they offer the highest quality. You can easily find your battery replacement on the corporation’s web. Search for a new laptop battery using your computer’s model and the battery’s model number.

It is highly advised to consider this solution temporarily until you buy a new battery. Additionally, it is an incredible idea to switch off your PC when not in use to protect the battery from heating up, which might, in turn, overheat your machine.

Most campgrounds have electricity, so if you battery dies you can keep going.